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Northern Valentine: The Distance Brings Us CloserHotel Hotel: The Sad Seamwvm: rotationsOrigami Arktika: TrollebotnLycia: ColdSilber Hearts MomPlumerai: Without NumberSilber on SilberSilber Sounds of ChristmasKobi: outwards from a core area in the north

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Aarktica: No Solace in Sleep
Aarktica: Pure Tone Audiometry
The Alcohol EPs
Jamie Barnes: The Fallen Acrobat
Jamie Barnes: Honey from the Ribcage
Black Happy Day: In the Garden of Ghostflowers
Clang Quartet: Jihad
Clang Quartet: The Separation of Church and Hate
Goddakk: monument to a ruined age
Heller Mason: Minimalist & Anchored
Hotel Hotel: The Sad Sea
If Thousands: Lullaby
If Thousand: i have nothing
Kobi: Projecto
Kobi: Dronesyndrome
Land of Nod: Mont Ventoux
Lycia: Cold
Lycia: Empty Space
Lycia: Estrella
Lycia: The Burning Circle And Then Dust
mwvm: rotations
Northern Valentine: The Distance Brings Us Closer
Origami Arktika: Trollebotn
Origami Arktika: Vardogr
Plumerai: res cogitans ep
Plumerai: Without Number
Remora: Enamored
Remora: Some Past's Future
Rollerball: Behind the Barber
Rollerball: Catholic Pause/Catholic Paws
Rollerball: Real Hair
Small Life Form: One
Alan Sparhawk: solo guitar
Twelve: be careful what you don't wish for
Twelve: First Album
Tara VanFlower: my little fire-filled heart
Mike VanPortfleet: Beyond the Horizon Line
Vlor: a fire is meant for burning
Various Artists: Alleviation
Various Artists: Demain
Various Artists: drones, loves, honesties, sounds
Various Artists: Silber Hearts Mom
Various Artists: Silber on Silber
Various Artists: Silber Sounds of Christmas
Various Artists: Winter Wishes
Various Artists: Zann

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Alan Sparhawk
photo by Bill T. Miller

Clang Quartet

photo by jessica bailiffphoto by jessica bailiffphoto by jessica bailiff


image manipulated by Blair Black
Tara Vanflower

mwvm photo by James Grey

Origami Arktika