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"Slow, sorrowful, and lush dronescapes that unfold calmly and thoughtfully... easily absorbed and brimming with emotion and conviction."
~ Everything is Fire

a brief introduction to If Thousands
Duluth, Minnesota's If Thousands began as an experimental music project in April 2000 by Christian McShane and Aaron Molina. McShane, a classically trained vocalist and guitarist; and Molina, a punk-rock bassist, tried various musical scenarios before deciding to abandon what they already knew and switch to instruments they had no idea how to play. Neither have had any formal training in the instruments they play in If Thousands. In this way, new soundscapes can be found through a nave approach to instrumentation. The nature of the project is to continually seek new methods of musical expression through experimentation in order to create outstanding drone oriented music.
After a near ten year hiatus, If Thousands is back with an album of middle american slumber ambience called For.

If Thousands Discography

MP3 Album 2014 | Silber 149
15 tracks, 72 minutes
$5 download
For is a thing of beauty that must be ingested whole & is a perfect drug for a long day’s night.
~ Joseph Kyle, Dagger

If Thousands returns after eight years with their special formula of angst laden slumbercore drone ambient.
: Listen to the track lucky

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i have nothing
CD Album 2005 | Silber 043
15 tracks, 50 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~97 megs))
: Listen to the track push
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CD-R split | self-released 2004
8 tracks
CD Album 2003 | chairkickers' music 007
11 tracks
CD Album 2003 | Silber 024
9 tracks, 59 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~107 megs))
: Listen to the track The Daylight and the Sun
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it's christmas
CD-R split | self-released 2003
8 tracks
CD-R 2002 | self-released 2002
4 tracks
Candice Recorder
MP3 Album 2000 (re-issued 2014) | Silber 158
12 tracks, 68 minutes
$5 (download only (320 kbps, ~131 megs))
listen on Silber
Minimalist drone, aggressive ambient, electro-acoustic, organic, whatever you call it to describe it doesn't change this from being a great record.
~ Brian John Mitchell, QRD

If Thousands classic first album.  Somewhere between ambient, drone, avant jazz, shoegaze, & experimental noise is where Candice Recorder record lies.  Probably their darkest album & a must listen for fans of bands like Coil & Goblin.

: Listen to the track paint the night
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