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a brief history of Azalia Snail:

Azalia began performing music, recording many avant pop albums, gaining recognition as a pioneering force in the underground "lo-fi" movement of the early 1990's. We're happy to have her joining the Silber family with her brand of proggresive pop/spacerock.

Azalia Snail Discography
Azalia Snail - Field Rep Azalia Snail - Field Rep (Alan Sparhawk Remix)
MP3 Remix Single 2018 | Silber 264
1 track, 3 minutes
$2 download
Listen on Bandcamp
"Field Rep" from the album Neon Resistance remixed by Alan Sparhawk of Low.

: Listen to the track Field Rep

Azalia Snail - Head On Over Azalia Snail - Head On Over (Anda Volley Remix)
MP3 Remix Single 2018 | Silber 265
1 tracks, 3 minutes
$2 download
Listen on Bandcamp
"Head On Over" from the album Neon Resistance remixed by Anda Volley.

: Listen to the track Head On Over

Azalia Snail: Neon Resistance Azalia Snail - Neon Resistance
CD Album 2018 | Silber 262
12 tracks, 39 minutes | Listen on Spotify 
$14 ($21 international, $10 download)
Listen on Bandcamp
She has always written very personal songs and on her new album, Neon Resistance, that is still very much the case. Its lead track, ‘Celeste (Can You Feel It)’, is huge, an epic pop song that will ear-worm its way into your life. Let’s hope there really is that parallel universe where Azalia is a star & appreciated for producing songs like this & then lets all go live there!
~ Stephen Rennicks, Ambient Analogue

Azalia Snail has been making her uniquely sweet, hypnotic, noise-inflected brand of pop music since the days before Nirvana broke. Her entire catalog has a spirit of timelessness where you could believe the music was rare gems from the late 1960s as well as from the 1990s when she first appeared on the scene or today. Upbeat, triumphant, & joyous – this is the true sound of resistance & it's irresistable.

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: Listen to the track Celeste (Can You Feel It?)
: Watch video for Field Rep

Azalia Snail - Dream Dazzler Azalia Snail - Dream Dazzler
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 219
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Silber | Listen on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify
Azalia Snail returns to Silber to face the 5in5 challenge. Delectable little noise pop jams. Be dazzled by the dreams of toys taking over the cities once ruled by humanity.

: Listen to the track Dream Dazzler 78
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Azalia Snail: Celestial Respect Azalia Snail - Celestial Respect
CD Album 2011 | Silber 093
14 tracks, 40 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (320 kbps, ~85 megs))
The queen of lo-fi space pop now has a home on Silber.  We're glad to have her here as we've been a fan of hers dating back to before Silber began.  Her music combines punk, pop, psychedia, & minimalism in her own unique vibe, just listen to the sample track & you'll see what we mean.

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: Listen to the track Space Heater
: Watch video for Space Heater

CD Album 2008 | Powertool

Avec Amour
CD Album 2006 | True Classical

Brazen arrows
CD Album 2001 | Dark Beloved Cloud

as "Staff Party"
CD Album 2000 | Detector

Soft Bloom
CD Album 1999 | Dark Beloved Cloud

Breaker Mortar
CD Album 1997 | Dark Beloved Cloud

Deep Motif
CD Album 1996 | Candy Floss

as "Volume" with Trumans Water Stampone
CD Album 1996 | Choke

Escape Maker
CD Album 1995 | Garden of Delights

Blue Danube
CD Album 1995 | Normal

As "Hail/Snail" How to live with a tiger
CD Album 1994 | Funky Mushroom

CD Album 1993 | Funky Mushroom

Burnt Sienna
CD Album 1992 | Funky Mushroom

CD Album 1990 | Albertine

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