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azalia snail
Azalia Snail - Dream Dazzler Azalia Snail - Dream Dazzler
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 219
5 tracks, 5 minutes

Azalia Snail returns to Silber to face the 5in5 challenge. Delectable little noise pop jams. Be dazzled by the dreams of toys taking over the cities once ruled by humanity.

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Track Listing:
Dream Dazzler 78
Dream Dazzler Exit
Dream Dazzler Deep
Dream Dazzler Return
Dream Dazzler Dance Baby

Azalia Snail’s “Dream Dazzler” is hypnagogic pop at its absolute purist. Blissful clouds of lo-fi bless these infectious pop ditties. Reminiscent of James Ferraro’s work, the way these songs float by is quite stunning. Over the course of the collection the attention to detail is profound as the songs seem to rest in something akin to a dream. Throughout the collection Azalia Snail lets the songs delve deeper and deeper into fantastic fields of distortion. By taking such an approach the songs appear to possess a great deal of freedom one seemingly without any rules and boundaries.
By far the highlight of the collection is the opener “Dream Dazzler 78”. Opening the collection on a high note the song’s melody comes into focus relatively slowly. The languid pacing works wonders for the piece as it glistens brightly under so many layers of grime. Referencing a playful, post-rave kind of template is the weirdness of “Dream Dazzler Exit” where the song constantly finds itself falling apart into constantly morphing rhythms and textures. Serving as a soothing interlude is the droning work of “Dream Dazzler Deep”. Constantly shifting seemingly without end is the tactile nature of “Dream Dazzler Return” whose groove is interrupted at random intervals. Beyond odd is the toy-like quality of the collection closer, the playful spirit of “Dream Dazzler Dance Baby”.
“Dream Dazzler” is a blurred beauty displaying Azalia Snail’s ear for melody.
~ Beach Sloth

As an installment in Silber’s “5 in 5” series, “Dream Dazzler” breaks the mould somewhat, with an audacious stretch to a total of six minutes across the five tracks. Call the librarians! This abuse of the format must not go unreported…
Azalia Snail’s attitude to making this music is as flagrantly disrespectful as Azalia’s attitude to the 5-minute rule. Five almost randomly structured collections of synthesizer experiments and slaps, sample loops and effects that’s irreverently lo-fi and difficult. Opener “78” is the most atmospheric, with discordant bottle-note sustains and sinister, distant mechanical noises. “Exit” has a strong Art Of Noise flavour, except that this is what Art Of Noise would’ve sounded like if JJ Jeczalik had been extremely drunk and wanted to get himself fired. “Deep” is the sound of an artificially intelligent church organ that’s panicking because it’s being invaded by bees. “Return” is an adventure in stereo and the use of stop-start effects as instruments, jumping inexplicably into early Prodigy-esque sine wave rave horns before getting bored and stopping. “Dance Baby”, with a synth line that feels like it’s been borrowed from a lightweight bit of synthpop, surrounded by threatening noises and then roundly beaten up, ends up being one of the most playful pieces.
This is an out-there little release that revels in its own lack of convention, lo-fi credentials, even down to the frankly daft and quite under-selling artwork. It’s practically incoherent but nevertheless it’s still actually rather fun.
~ Stuart Bruce, Chain DLK
Been a while but Silber have just recently announced their 5 in 5 winter catalogue the first of which finds psyche pop peculiar Azalia Snail joining the esteemed roster. For those previously unaware for the 5 in 5 series each artist / band are given the brief remit to cobble together 5 short sound-scapes, each to last just a minute each. Those familiar with Azalia Snail will no doubt be happy to learn that her trademark kookiness and wayward sonic persona are all present and standing to peak perfect attention. ‘dream dazzler’ is a clockworking curiosity of toy keyboards and fisher price instruments sourced, one would imagine from thrift stores and flea markets, all psychedelic carousels and radiophonic lullabies each of the quintet seemingly possessing their own unique personality so that ‘dream dazzler return’ has the kind a glitch scratched funkiness you’d readily have expected to fall out of the frank and wobbly sons sound house while ‘dream dazzler 78’ has something of the Delia’s – tomorrow people’ era – about it, ‘exit’ emerging blinking from a mid 90’s techno flashback, ‘dance baby’ a schizoid toy march much reminiscent of Whizz Kid leaving our favourite ‘deep’ to be ached in an ice sculptured intimate ache.
~ The Sunday Experience