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While the Us Weekly fame goes to Conor Oberst & Jason Molina, RIVULETS has quietly established more stalkers to watch. ~ Opus

About Rivulets

Rivulets is the nom de plum of minimalist singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson. Nathan was born in Denver, CO, grew up in Anchorage, AK, & started Rivulets in Minneapolis, MN in the year 2000.  He has also lived in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Bloomington, IN, Duluth, MN.  He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.

Rivulets has relased albums on Chair Kickers' Union & Important Records; & EPs on Silber, Acuarela, & BlueSanct; as well as numerous compilation tracks & singles.

Additional musicians who have performed live or on record as part of Rivulets include: Jessica Bailiff, LD Beghtol (the Magnetic Fields), Haley Bonar, Chris Brokaw (Codeine), Jon DeRosa (Aarktica), William Faith (Faith & the Muse), Christian Frederickson (Rachel's), Fred Lonberg-Holm, Jarboe (SWANS), Brian John Mitchell (Remora), Aaron Molina (if thousands), Mimi Parker (Low), Alan Sparhawk (Low), Aaron Spectre, Nathan Vollmar, & Bob Weston (Shellac).

Nathan Amundson is also a member of Vlor and frequent collaborator with artists such as Annelies Monseré, Clara Hill, Jessica Bailiff, if thousands, & Remora.  For a complete discography, visit

Rivulets Silber Discography
Rivulets: d e m o s Rivulets - d e m o s
MP3 Album 2010 | Silber 089
10 tracks, 36 minutes
$5 (download only (256 kbps, ~68 megs))
Demos captures an era of Rivulets that hasn’t been documented elsewhere. During the first formative year of Rivulets, an important part of the band was bass player Jason Seckel, who’s minimal long sustained notes style can finally be heard for the first time by many fans. You get to hear early versions of songs like “Four Weeks” & “Past Life” along with unreleased songs like “Sick Love” & our personal favorite “Anyway.”

: Press Release
: Reviews
: Listen to the track Four Weeks

The Alcohol EPs Remora/Rivulets/Pale Horse and Rider - The Alcohol EPs
CD Split 2002 | Silber 022
14 tracks, 72 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~128 megs))
Three projects, all of quite accomplished musicians, contributing to a concept album - an interesting idea and one pulled off here admirably. While all three take similar directions and help make this album cohesive, each has their own approach, which keeps the album interesting. Much better than a simple split EP, this is a split album of three EPs, a truly impressive project.
~ Delusions of Adequacy

You could say that Nathan, Brian, and Jon have each had their share of alcohol problems in the past. With enough hindsight and sobriety to make this undertaking a possibility, but not quite enough to forget the emotions stirred up by the booze, The Alcohol EPs is a collection of short releases by each artist, containing songs influenced by or written under the influence of alcohol.

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