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Hotel, Hotel tis a large ensemble producing atmospheric fare heavy on the violins, wavering between pastoral and apocalyptic…sort of like Godspeed You Black Emperor in a good mood. ~ Michael Chamy, Dallas Observer

a brief history of Hotel Hotel:

Hotel, Hotel began as two violins, two guitars, & one drummer in the summer of 2005.  Initially, birthed as a side project from the Texas collective CAN(d/t)A; Hotel, Hotel quickly took a more serious turn.  Standard are twenty-minute epics of mounting drone guitar as eerie violin leads echo over the money beat.  By that same winter, H,H had toured Texas & recorded it's first album in a old haunted house in Austin, Texas.  The summer of 2006 saw them touring the UK with long time british mates:  Revenge of Shinobi.  April 2007 saw a USA east coast tour, again with the RoS.  After a year & a half of band line-up changes, living in different states, & a variety of other changes; they completed their second album, The Sad Sea, in November 2008.
Hotel, Hotel Discography
Hotel Hotel: Cactus Hands Hotel Hotel - Cactus Hands
MP3 EP 2017 | Silber 227
1 track, 24 minutes
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Recorded in 2009, Cactus Hands is the first half of the follow-up to The Sad Sea.  The band expanded from what I think of as their classic three piece line-up (guitar, violin, drums) to have piano, bass, & a second guitar.  Soaring shimmering instruments, this is post rock from Texas.

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Hotel Hotel: The Sad Sea The Sad Sea
CD 2008 | Silber 064
8 tracks, 44 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~81 megs))
Hotel Hotel's long awaited second album! Violins & guitars post-rocking & droning!

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Hotel, Hotel - under sea, over storm under sea, over storm
MP3 EP 2008 | Silber 067
6 tracks, 37 minutes
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While we’re anticipating the release of their new album The Sad Sea on Silber shortly, I figured we’d introduce them to the rest of you with this live performance.   Recorded on October 20, 2005 at J&J’s in Denton, Texas with a line-up of P.D. Wilder (guitar), Justin Lemons (guitar), Patrick Patterson (violin), Francesca Riedle (violin), & Evan Caverninha (drums); Under Sea, Over Storm captures the band early on showing the atmospheric post rock they’ve been perfecting over the years.  One flowing piece divided into several song ideas, themes, & improvisations; this gives you an idea not only of their live show, but what to look forward to on their upcoming studio recordings as well.

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CD 2006 | Lo-Bangosound 08
7 tracks, 43 minutes
$8 ($14 international)
The album is a moody conglomerate of emotions embodied by lurid drones and pensive stillness, swirls of sonic texture and eerie atmospherics, and entrancing, disorienting repetition interrupted by robust, vibrant crescendos.
~ Jacob Price, Delusions of Adequacy

Hotel, Hotel's first release that inspired Silber to work with them.

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