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Remora's guitar terrorism relies on the more drone-based school of thought, where the most interesting sounds come from minimalist structure and repetition. Unlike some of the more well-known ambient/noise guitarists, who rely on obtrusive noise and piercing tones, Remora makes effective use of tonality which is surprisingly soothing despite the noisy overtones. When vocals are used, they haunt each song beneath the mix, overrun by a million guitar strings. ~ Jon DeRosa, Aarktica
a brief introduction to Remora
Remora began in 1996 with a web of cassette releases (Anaaron, Acroyer, Amerse, Eneded, Cemented in Stone, Anadia, Ambient Drones for One Guitar) that utilized the guitar to create ambient walls of sound, rather than melodic passages. These releases were recorded at home during time off from work & other responsibilities.  In recent years, Remora has shifted from pure guitar noise into songs incorporating the sounds discovered over the time spent exploiting the use of effects.

2000 marked Remora's first works done in standard recording sessions resulting in the more cohesive releases of the album Some Past's Future & the EP Some Future's Past recorded in bed room studios in New Jersey & Minneapolis as well as Raleigh, NC.

2002 was the year Remora took an excursion from effect pedals for a twelve-string acoustic guitar to record The Alcohol EPs.

In 2003 Remora toured northern Europe with Kobi & a recording of a live show in Oslo was eventually released by Morc.

2005 marked the release of Enamored, Remora's first full length in four years. It’s post-apocalyptic pop music. Love songs from a revolutionary ready to abandon his war grasping for hope. Lyrically inspired by pulp sci-fi from the 1970’s, songs like “Volcana,” “Champion,” “Kill My Way Out of Here,” & “Out of Air” paint portraits of love being the same after the crash of society while struggling to stay alive as it is now & as it was 3,000 years ago.  Also in 2005 Remora recorded Reversion, an EP reflecting back to the earlier guitar experiments in support of a Pacific Northwest tour with Rollerball & Six Foot Sloth.

2007 showed Remora taking an excursion from guitar altogether with the release of songs i sing, a collection of acapella songs & the recording of Mecha (not released until 2010) featuring sub-midi computer derived versions of Remora's pop songs

In 2008 Remora recorded the collaborative album Clear Field with northern valentine & slicnaton & returned to the pure drone roots with Ensoulment a 70 minute long solo guitar piece.

In 2009 Remora released the album Derivative that collects songs based on hit songs by Hefner, Warrior Soul, Journey, Pere Ubu, Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, Blue Oyster Cult, & Joy Division.  Also released was the live recording Guitar Antihero.

In 2011 Remora released Scars Bring Hope which went back to the proto-punk & apocalyptic pop sounds of Some Past's Future & Enamored while putting the music in a much more commercial environment with Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise acting as engineer & co-producer.

In late 2011 Remora recorded The Heart That Kills as a responsorial piece to the death of Mitchell's grandmother released in 2012 by Fluttery Records.

In 2012 Remora recorded 13.9.2012 for Somehow Ecstatic's 24 hour album series & returned to some of the fun musical elements of the early 2000s live show on the five minute EP I Came To Party.

Remora in 2014 focused on live shows resulting in 2014's Christmas collection A Burning Lump of Coal EP & 2015's live band EP Swash.

Remora is currently working on two top secret themed EPs as well as another full length album.

Remora Discography
Remora - Warm Bodies Remora - Warm Bodies
MP3 EP 2018 | Silber 269
1 track, 26 minutes
$2 download
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Since 1996 Remora’s been exploring the guitar as a source for aggressive ambient soundscapes. "Warm Bodies" is Remora’s latest & most ambitious exploration of guitar feedback. Remora leader Brian John Mitchell controlls the feedback on three guitars while five other guitars & a bass are controlled by Nicholas Slaton (slicnaton), Martin Newman (Goddakk, DRLNG), Michael Wood (M is We), Micheal Madden (M is We), & Rowland Yeargan (Sportsmanship).

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Remora - Scraps & Scrapes Remora - Scraps & Scrapes
MP3 Rarities Collection 2016 | Silber 233
98 tracks, 398 minutes
$2 download
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What you get is some of the finest ambient, drone and melodic pieces that one could ask for. An absolutely majestic, must have album.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Scraps & Scrapes collects compilation appearances, alternate mixes, & demos from Remora's first twenty years. 98 tracks & 6.5 hours that haven't appeared on Remora's twelve albums & thirteen EPs, but document the progression & consistency of Remora's sound over two decades with new equipment & age only mildly impacting the weird post-apocalyptic musical vision - mixing up ambient drone, post punk, & americana into whatever hybrid you want to call it.

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Remora - Christmas Drones for One Guitar Christmas Drones for One Guitar
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 204
4 tracks, 28 minutes
$1 download
A delightful, open-ended exploration, that would sound as fresh and timely in July as the depths of the dark nights of winter.
~ Forestpunk

Four loop driven ambient guitar improvisations from Remora.  Drink your eggnog until you think it's 1999 again.

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Remora - Almost Live Series Almost Live Series
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 197
8 tracks, 45 minutes
$1 download
A recently uncovered set of recordings for a radio session for Ambient Ping Radio back in 2007.  This captures Remora's aggressive ambient guitar riffs & distorted guitar arpeggios of this largely undocumented era.  Musical nods to Godflesh, Lycia, & strangely enough Joe Jackson

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Remora - Swash Swash
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 193
7 tracks, 24 minutes
$2 download
Remora captured as a live band featuring Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise on drums & Peter Aldrich on bass.

: Listen to the track The Doctor's Wife
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Remora - A Burning Lump of Coal A Burning Lump of Coal
MP3 EP 2014 | Silber 171
4 tracks, 18 minutes
$1 download
If Remora’s goal on this EP was to make slightly deranged music that somehow still retained some semblance of holiday mood, they succeeded with flying colors.
~ Andy Armageddon, Bandjack

Remora's music re-invisioned for tales of a post-apocalyptic Christmas celebration.

: Listen to the track O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
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Remora - I Came To Party I Came To Party
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 122
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
Listen on Silber
After the drone dirges & post-apocalyptic pop of recent releases, Remora returns to the fun bits that made the project known as the south's premier post rock party band.  Fun & whimsy after the destruction of a planet.

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Remora - 13-9-2012 13.9.2012 (Scared of the Sun)
CD-R Album 2012 | Somehow Ecstatic ODS9
8 tracks, 43 minutes
Buy it &/or listen to it on Somehow Ecstatic
Part of Somehow Ecstatic's 24 hour album series written & recorded in its entirety on September 13, 2012.  Mixed & mastered the same day as well & includes both songs & drones inspired by science fiction stories.

Remora: My The Heart That Kills The Heart That Kills
CD Album 2012 | Fluttery 041
8 tracks, 72 minutes
$10 through Fluttery ($5 download through Silber)
Get it from Fluttery
A drone album. All but three minutes are two guitars & two bass guitars feeding back as the only sounds. At times the feedback is a somewhat passive presence & at other times it is an aggressive one, rising & falling like hope between labored breaths. Clearly this is not something meant for everyone. The remaining three minutes are split four ways between two a capella tracks, a glockenspiel track, & the only traditional song structure on the album (the half funeral dirge/half anthem “Bring You Back”).

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Remora: My Brother's Guns & Knives My Brother's Guns & Knives
MP3 EP 2011 | Silber 105
13 tracks, 59 minutes
download zip file | listen on Silber
Remixes & more of Remora's "My Brother's Guns & Knives."  You'd think an hour of remixes of one song would be ridiculous & impossible to sit through, but half of the remixes are really derivative works merely using the original song as source material.  We hope you dig it.

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Remora - Scars Bring Hope Scars Bring Hope
CD Album 2011 | Silber 097
12 tracks, 48 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (320 kbps, ~106 megs))
Remora returns with both it's special brand of post apocalyptic pop & guitar drone in a full band setting.  The most commercial Remora release to date.  In the vein of Some Past's Future & Enamored.  From post punk to post rock & always post apocalyptic.

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Remora: Mecha Mecha
CD 2010 | Silber 085
16 tracks, 42 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~114 megs))
Remora returns armed with sub-midi technology instead of a guitar.  Post apocalyptic pop. Blurps & bleeps. Bridges between machine & human brains. Music for androids. Part post rock, part electro, & part folk; love songs, fight songs, & ballads; distorted future music.  Includes a copy of the Mecha mini-comic.  Limited number of physical copies in metal tins.

: Listen to the track Nevada Smith
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Remora: Guitar Antihero Guitar Antihero
MP3 EP 2009 | Silber 084
1 track, 25 minutes
download zip file | page

At the request of Bryce Clayton Eiman, Remora prepared a piece for the Guitar Antiheroes 919 Noise Showcase on May 12, 2009. The showcase had performers pushing the idea of how to approach the guitar as an instrument. For Remora’s performance to push the sound to the next level from a standard Remora show (which is already often filled with guitar noise), Brian John Mitchell (Remora) boosted the sound to the next level by using five guitars, a bass, & four amplifiers instead of the standard single guitar & amp. The additional guitars were staged around the main amplifier to act as drone instruments. Probably the loudest Remora show ever (reports are it was heard clearly a block away) & often on the cusp of losing control of the wave of sound, the piece ended with Mitchell nearly throwing up from the volume exposure. Still the music somehow ends up as soothing as it is menacing.

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Remora: Derivative derivative 
CD 2009 | Gears of Sand 049
8 tracks, 42 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~75 megs))
Remora does derivative works on some personal favorites including hits by Hefner, Warrior Soul, Journey, Pere Ubu, Bob Dylan, Joe Jackson, & Joy Division.  Doomy drone with pop hooks.

: Listen to the track Every Prince
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Remora: ensoulment ensoulment
MP3 Album 2008 | Ping Things
1 track, 70 minutes
download zip file | page

A 70 minute aggressive ambient guitar excursion from Remora.

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slicnaton/remora/northern valentine - clear field remora / northern valentine / slicnaton
clear field
MP3 Album 2008 | Silber 072
3 tracks, 44 minutes
free download from

The clear field recordings are a unique combination of elements of all three projects. You hear the loops & aggression of Remora’s guitar work, Northern Valentine’s ambient shimmering glacial guitars, & slicnaton’s orchestrated glitch & deep bass tones. While hearing all three individual musicians, it still is clearly a collaboration of the three rather than one of the projects with two special guests; it is a unique sound of its own.

: Press Release

Remora - songs i sing songs i sing
CD EP 2007 | North Pole 005
13 tracks, 16 minutes, plus 1 video
$9 ($14 international)
Remora goes a cappella.  Sometimes comedic, sometimes spiritual, & occasionally poignant.  This was predominantly recorded by Jessica Bailiff during Remora’s 2006 spring tour & includes covers of “We Will Fall” (The Stooges), “Heartworms” (Coil), “Sores” (Rollerball), & a passage from Job.  Beautiful hand letter-pressed artwork by Shane Sauers & a video for “Sores” also by Mister Sauers.
: Listen to the track Job 39
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MP3 EP 2005 | Silber 044
4 tracks 30 minutes
Download from
All guitar drone ambient like you love....
CD Album 2005 | Silber 038
14 tracks 57 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~105 megs))
Remora returns with the first full length in four years featuring post-apocalytic love songs & ambient guitar drones.
: Listen to the track The One I've Been Waiting For
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Live in Oslo
Cassette 2005 | Morc 036
10 tracks, 37 minutes

A capturing of Remora live from spring of 2003 at the Mir in Oslo.  Includes otherwise unreleased songs "New Loop," "Syd Song," & "Static is Motion."

The Alcohol EPs
CD Split 2002 | Silber 022
14 tracks, 72 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~128 megs))
A triple split EP from Remora, Pale Horse and Rider, and Rivulets of songs about or inspired by alcohol. A collection of acoustic guitar songs in the vein of Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.
: Press Release
Some Past's Future
CD Album 2001 | Silber 018
21 tracks, 62 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~107 megs))
Some Past's Future combines all the elements of Remora from apocalyptic post-punk to beautiful noise to minimalist atmospheric. Songs about the future, the past, love, and working class dreams. Aggression tempered with guilt. The tonal chaos within each piece is hopeful and revealing. This is the soundtrack for apocryphal dreams & late night car rides.
: Listen to the track 10,004
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Some Future's Past
CD-R EP 2001 | BestKeptSecret 044
15 tracks, 29 minutes
$6 ($12 international, $4 download (256 kbps, ~52 megs))
An EP of outtakes & alternate mixes form Remora’s Some Past’s Future album from the Italian label Best Kept Secret. A lot of these pieces are more minimal than those on Some Past’s Future. Includes versions of “rail” & “warrenton” with guest musicians Nathan Amundson & J Seckel of Rivulets & finally the release of the hit single “drinking about you.”
Ambient Drones for One Guitar
2CDR  2000 | Silber 009
20 tracks, 144 minutes
Listen or Download on Bandcamp | Listen on Spotify

Remora blazes away to the "beat" of the loops, guitar wandering & exploring the corridors of the universe & the possibilities of pure sound. In fact, it's the choice & use of sound rather than any sense of musical development that makes this an enjoyable listen. Remora does a good job of keeping my attentention & even at the most ear shattering, brain piercing moments manage to retain a sense of cosmic drift.
~ Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovation
CDR 1999 | Silber 008
21 tracks, 40 minutes
$5 download
Anadia is full of powerful, edgy instrumentals and sparse, fragile ballads that hold their own with a lot of the better known space rock/experimental artists out there.
~ Vendetta  

: Listen on Bandcamp

CDR 1998 | Silber 004
23 tracks, 60 minutes
$2 download
Soft-noise drones mingled with songs made of static guitar chords & vocals. I like the spirit of this discreet work, floating by just leaving the overall melancholic atmosphere. 
~ Origami Republika e-zine 

: Listen on Bandcamp

Cassette 1998 | Public Demand
21 tracks, 60 minutes
A collection of tracks recorded from 1996-1998 constituting a greatest hits of sorts. 
track listing: Angel Stalk (Anaaron), Escape, To Tell, Her Divinity is a Lie, Strange Design, Peace of a Slave, Return to the City, Hallow, Pneumena, Pteradactyl, Crave Coating, We've Only Just Begun (traditional), Free Before, A Newer World, C3GL, For This, A Perfect View, Slip Sky, MB2, Condone (live), Horizon (excerpt)

Cassette 1997 | Silber 003
8 tracks, 30 minutes
out of print
Eight droning trips into the psyche... 
~ Outburn
Cassette 1996 | Silber 002
9 tracks, 30 minutes
out of print
Meandering lo-tech noise-song works. Tinny guitar strumming sometimes accompanied by cutting veils of feedback shrieks and gnarling lower rumbles. 
~ AUTOreverse

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