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Are you accepting demos?
We go to great lengths to listen to everything we receive, but unless you honestly think we're the most appropriate label for you, you should probably hold off on sending. However, we do like to hear what’s going on out there & it is one of the ways we make friends. So, if you’re looking for friends, send away. If you’re looking for a record deal, we probably can’t help you.  Probably the best way to really generate our interest is getting one of the bands on the label turned on to you to get us interested. All that said, we have been getting a lot of demos we like lately.  Please make sure you put your email address on what you send us & if possible a little one page note on why you sent us the disc.  Here's the address: Silber Records / PO box 883 / sanford, nc 27331 / USA

I heard you sometimes help bands out with promotions & mastering & stuff like that?
Yes, it's true.  We mainly just work with our own roster, but we help other folks out when it makes sense to.  Go to services to find out about our prices & what we can do for you.

I just downloaded one of the digital realeases & there's some glitches in one of the MP3s?
We haven't figured out why this occasionally happens, but let us know if it does.  We'll get you replacements of the files with the glitches & get you a free digital copy of another release for your trouble.

I tried to buy a digital album & I paid for it, where is it?
We send a link to the email address associated with your Paypal account.  Email us if you have a problem with it.

I tried to get a digital release but ended up with a zip file instead of audio files?
Zip files are the easiest solution for downloading multiple files.  There are a number of free utilities to unzip them.  We use WinZip.

How do I import a digital release into my iTunes library?
Open iTunes, click on "File," click on "Add Folder to Library," select the folder where you unzipped the MP3s.

Why are your digital albums at 256kb instead of uncompressed?
Seriously?  Uncompressed audio is huge & therefore more prone to errors in the download process.  Not too long ago people weren't complaining about getting files from iTunes that were half the quality.

Why are some of your releases only available digitally?
We can't afford to invest the few thousand dollars it costs to do a physical release of everything we want to put out.  With the lower recoup price on the digital only releases we can put out more music & stay in business at the same time.

Who are the children that occasionally appear in the banner?
Brian John Mitchell of Silber's niece & Joe Kendrick of WNCW's son.  The adults are various Silber fans/friends (& surprisingly often members of Plumerai).

What the hell is your logo?
A sculpture Brian John Mitchell did in the mid-1990s.  The original version was orange with wings & a halo & lived in a snow globe.  We call him "The Silberspy."  He does have certain & obvious links to both alien birdmen & plague doctors.

What's the story with the free releases?
We like our fans & want to give them special treats.  We also like the idea of being able to work on music & not worrying about making money.  So we put together compilations & EPs for you.  They are not lower in quality than our full releases, but are occasionally made for more hardcore fans.  If you like the free series, please donate some money to help support it.

I'm having trouble getting the Streaming Mediaplayer to work properly?
We had this problem to.  You probably have a flash blocker & need to white flag our site.

I heard you guys actually pay the bands on the label, is that really true?
We pay our artists after we recoup all costs associated with a disc.  We split the money with them 50-50.  It seems a pretty fair arrangement.

I love you guys, how can I keep in touch with what's going on?
The easiest way is through following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.  If you want us to send us our newsletter, email us.

You guys keep emailing me newsletters, could you stop?
Yeah, just email with your address info & you'll be removed.

What's up with the track listing on Remora's "Enamored"?
Well, there was an accident with a disc with the wrong song order going in as the master & the first pressing's song order doesn't match the sleeve.  If you put the disc in your cd-rom drive it will give you the titles.

I heard that all the tracks on Small Life Form's "One" were meant to be listened to simultaneously, but I only have one CD player. Any ideas?
You can playback the tracks on One simultaneously on your computer with Windows Media Player version in multiple windows & telling it to play the files looped.  Or you can use any multi-tracking software that allows you to create long form loops (We use Acid 3).

What's the connection between Aarktica & Origami Arktika?
The only connection between the two bands is they're both incredibly talented & both have released albums on Silber Records. Aarktica is from New York & is headed by Jon DeRosa. Origami Arktika is from Trondheim, Norway & headed by Rune Flaten.

I have a radio show &/or write reviews for a magazine, can I get promotional service?
It all depends. We try and accommodate all requests for promo material, but we can't afford to give stuff away to everyone. Contact us about what you're specifically interested in & send us a play list or the magazine & we'll try to work something out.

I have a magazine/radio show, can I set up an interview with __________?
Contact the artist directly. We encourage our roster to do these types of things as much as possible. If they aren't responding to you, then let us know and we'll take care of business.

When will ________ play live? Will they come to my city?
Check the band's Facebook page.  Most of our artists can't really tour properly because it's not in their best financial interest, but if you're setting up a festival, contact the band to find out their availabilities or requirements. If you attend a university, find out who's in charge of on-campus performances because these generally will pay enough to be in an artist's interest.

I'm putting together a compilation, can I get a track from __________?
Contact the individual artist.

I can't find your stuff in stores, where can I get it?
You can do a couple things:
1.) Order directly from us via Paypal, or via our standard mail order form.
2.) Encourage your local store to carry Silber releases. We are distributed in the US by Darla, Super D, and Carrot Top; Norman Records is still your best bet in the UK.
We're working hard to have our releases more available. Thank you for understanding.

I work at a store, could we stock your stuff on consignment?
Due to troubles in the past with consignment payments, we don't do consignment sales, but we do drop shipping for stores. You can contact us about our wholesale terms & prices or go through one of our distributors.

Where does the name Silber come from for the label?
Silber is named after the book Demain, Monsieur Silber by Kay Sage.  I suppose it is a little bit of a random name associated with a youthful fascination.

Do you guys need interns?
Yeah, just email us if you want to try to take part & we will explain our program.  It is not a paying program, but it is a program aimed at preparing you to run an independent record label on your own.  If you have ten hours a month of spare time on the internet, you could be a great intern.