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compact discs
Aarktica: No Solace in Sleep
Aarktica: Or you could just go through….
Aarktica: Pure Tone Audiometry
Aarktica: Bleeding Light
Aarktica: In Sea             $12.00  
Aarktica: In Sea Remixed             $12.00  
The Alcohol EPs: Remora/Pale Horse and Rider/Rivulets
alleviation CD compilation
Jamie Barnes: The Fallen Acrobat
Jamie Barnes: Honey from the Ribcage
Jamie Barnes: The Recalibrated Heart             $12.00  
burMonter: fell
A cage went in search of a bird: v/a Kafka tribute
Black Happy Day: In the Garden of Ghostflowers             $12.00  
Carta: An Index of Birds             $12.00  
Clang Quartet: Jihad 
Clang Quartet: Separation of Church & Hate
Demain: Silber Sampler 1999
Jon DeRosa: Anchored (EP)              $6.00  
drones, loves, honesties, sounds - 2006 Silber sampler               $3.00  
Elegy: Radio Broadcast
Goddakk: monument to a ruined age             $12.00  
Heller Mason: Minimalist & Anchored             $12.00  
Hotel Hotel: The Sad Sea             $12.00  
If Thousands: Candice Recorder
If Thousands: Lullaby
If Thousands: i have nothing
Irata: Irata             $12.00  
Irata: Vultures (EP)             $8.00  
Kobi: Projecto
Kobi: Dronesyndrome
Land of Nod: Mount Ventoux (EP)
Lycia: The Burning Circle And Then Dust
Lycia: Cold             $12.00  
Lycia: Estrella             $12.00  
Lycia: Empty Space
Moodring: Scared of Ferret             $12.00  
mwvm: rotations             $12.00  
Northern Valentine: The Distance Brings Us Closer             $12.00  
Northern Valentine: Fin De Siecle             $12.00  
Origami Arktika: Trollebotn             $12.00  
Origami Arktika: Vardogr
Plumerai: Mondegreen             $12.00  
Plumerai: Res Cogitans (EP)               $8.00  
Plumerai: Without Number             $12.00  
Plumerai: Your Guilty Prize             $12.00  
Remora: Some Past's Future
Remora: Enamored
Remora: Scars Bring Hope
Remora: Derivative
Remora: Mecha             $12.00  
Rollerball: Real Hair
Rollerball: Behind the Barber
Rollerball: Catholic Pause/Catholic Paws
Rollerball/Ovo: my first cowboy
Sarah June: In Black Robes             $12.00  
Small Life Form: One
Alan Sparhawk: solo guitar             $12.00  
Twelve: Be Careful What You Don't Wish For
Twelve: First Album             $12.00  
Tara VanFlower: My Little Fire-Filled Heart
Mike VanPortfleet: Beyond The Horizon Line
Vlor: a fire is meant for burning             $12.00  
Vlor: six-winged             $12.00  
Zann CD compilation 
Peter Aldrich: Less Visionary Than Expected
Remora: Some Future's Past EP
Various Artists - Silber Sounds of Christmas (2xCD-R)             $12.00  
black and white silber robot on gray or red shirt    S, M, L, XL 
Remora  Zentraedi t-shirt black on white S, L, XL
Lost Kisses: My Life is Funny & Sad           $10.00  
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