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Five songs in five minutes

a brief introduction to Yellow6
Raised on punk rock, Jon Attwood started Yellow6 in 1998 with inspiration points from space rock, post rock, electronica, shoegaze, & of course effect pedals.  With over a hundred releases & a hundred compilation appearances over the years, Yellow6 has created it’s own uncompromising vision of ambient soundscapes with a post angst undertone combining droning guitars with piano, synths, & drum machines.

Yellow6 Silber Discography
Yellow6 - merry6mas2016 Yellow6 - merry6mas2016
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 235
8 tracks, 75 minutes
$3 download
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Jon Attwood has produced another stunning collection of tracks that move in and out of structure and anti-structure. His anti-post-rock, post-rock sensibility proves to showcase his prowess in whatever genre you want to label Yellow6's compositions.
~ Somewhere Cold

For those not in the know, for eighteen years now Yellow6 has been putting out an annual Christmas series collecting unreleased & rare recordings from over the year that haven't been on other releases. It's always a treat as you get to hear sides of Yellow6 that might not fit so neatly on an album release. This year we have some pieces more sparse & minimal than you often think of Yellow6 being, closer to the sound track of an american desert than a cavern drenched with echo. It's so easy to get lost in place & space & time with this collection, is it 1916 or 2016? Does it matter? Drone on!

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Yellow6 - springsun Yellow6 - springsun
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 213
2 tracks, 21 minutes
$1 download
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Continuing Yellow6's legacy of loop driven post rock ambient guitar pieces celebrating the return of spring on cold gray days.

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Yellow6 - Merry6mas2015 Yellow6 - In Circles / Merry6mas2015
MP3 Album 2015 | Silber 203
8 tracks, 79 minutes
$2 download
Continuing Yellow6's yearly document of unreleased song for the 17th time.  Post rock guitar experimentation at its finest.

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Yellow6 - No Memories, Only Photographs Yellow6 - No Memories, Only Phototgraphs
CD Album 2015 | Silber 201
8 tracks, 64 minutes (+2 bonus tracks in digital version, 98 minutes)
($18 international, $5 download)
Yellow6 returns to Silber with ambient guitar driven reflections on the nature of memory & the lack of persistence of all things.

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Yellow6 - Merry6mas2014 Yellow6 - Merry6mas2014
MP3 EP 2014 | Silber 168
10 tracks, 75 minutes
$2 download
A collection of outtakes, live recordings, & new material wrap up the year 2014 for Yellow6.

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Yellow6 - Closer To The Sea Without Moving Yellow6 - Closer To The Sea Without Moving
CD Album 2014 | Silber 165
10 tracks, 57 minutes
($18 international, $5 download)
Yellow6 comes to Silber with an ambient tale of life & decay.

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Yellow6 - 5 Yellow6 - 5
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 147
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
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Yellow6 re-affirms his exquisite deft application for the craft of the touching, the melancholic and the atmospheric.
~ The Sunday Experience

The drone guitar work of Yellow6 is joined by piano for the 5 in 5 challenge.

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