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Yellow6 - springsun Yellow6 - springsun
MP3 EP 2016 | Silber 213
2 tracks, 21 minutes
$1 download
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Continuing Yellow6's legacy of loop driven post rock ambient guitar pieces celebrating the return of spring on cold gray days.

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Track Listing:

See that cover?  That's exactly what Yellow6's two-track Springsun/Conrad#2 release sounds like.  Gorgeous and vast, it's the type of lush and ambient arrangement you want to hear as dawn transitions into morning.
~ Sean Caldwell,
Letters from a Tapehead

Blissful and beautiful, Yellow6’s “springsun” embodies a sense of sonic optimism. Yellow6 weaves together shoegaze and post-rock into a dreamy whole. The way that they unfurl shows off a true talent for form. Without a single beat to be heard the blissful atmospheres remain uninterrupted. Pace is the trick as these are songs that take their time to develop slowly, with true grace. Everything feels alive from the glistening guitars to the fields of sound that come into focus with every cyclical movement, giving the sound a sense of growth and development.
Easily the highlight of the album is the opener and title track “springsun”. Imbued with a sense of purpose and optimism the song sings out to the skies. From the guitar work various drones ring out, sustained into the infinite. The lovely work moves forward without end as the way that Yellow6 lets it evolve feels quite soothing. Suggesting such vast spaces the song’s repetition works in its favor. By letting the piece build itself up a great sea of sound is created, one in which the life is constantly getting bigger and more potent. For the final third of the track the bass frequencies take over as they suggest a more ominous atmosphere. Ending the album off on a soothing note is the reflective “conrad#2”. Sparse in style, “conrad#2” lets the beautiful atmospherics take over.
Yellow6’s “springsun” sets a high bar for rather gorgeous ambient melodies.
~ Beach Sloth

Articulate, expressive, measured and mercurial, for nearly two decades now as Yellow6, Jon Atwood has refined, confined and defined his sonic vocabulary into a finitely porcelain craft. Some might see this description as a narrowing of the creative corridor, far from it, for Atwood has micro engineered, developed and cultured a sound world that’s cooled and attuned to the very elements, as such arcing gracefully to their flows, moods and shifts in pace and space to the extent that he is now recognised rightly as one of the foremost sound alchemists of the drone / ambient discipline. These days finding safe haven over at the Silber imprint he has just released, as part of their spring collection, a new track opus that pairs together ‘springsun’ and ‘conrad #2’ – it’s to the latter that we turn first of all, for Atwood still has that ability to musically mesmerise the observer  and simultaneously harvest beauty from a point of despairing desolation, none more than here whereupon a passing glacial vision of lilting introspection tearfully bruised by the sighing crush of lonely sunrises left abandoned to a svelte silently bitter sweet solemnness finds itself populated by an airless vapour kissed dance of free spirited milky white murmurs hovering and shimmering their effervescent play amid the stilled nothingness. By contrast ‘springsun’, at 15 minutes in length, offers a more considered palette for Atwood to work from, a timeless musical score for a TV script as were, so far unwritten by David Lynch perhaps, introducing a lone ranger / wolf putting rights to wrongs, a Marlowe for a modern age, flawed and bedevilled by his own ghosts. The sounds of this would be soundtrack come coiled in the soft sting of noir gouged shadow playing mosaics that opine, yearn and stir with defeated hope, their resonance and tempering of atmosphere serving to slowly colour in a would be personality e-fit of the protagonist while simultaneously drawing on a familiar brooding musical well that nods to a trademark sonic signature referencing the likes of Budd, Mancini, Barry and Montgomery albeit as though they’d all been relocated to wiles of Scandinavia. In short, breathless elegance.
~ The Sunday Experience

Springsun starts with a gentle throb of guitar, but after mere seconds notes chime in like it was 2002 and Tarentel were in the house. Before very long, you know what you’re in for.
The tunes on this record unravel over time, building up by way of layers, a bit more guitar here and there, a melody tripping across the top, a chord held like breath too long and released. At times I wish for drama, but that’s my life. But there isn’t going to be any eventual crescendo, as there’s no one to instigate it. Yellow6 is one man, Jon Attwood, and it’s him, his guitar and his looper pedals. The work is semi improvised, seems to be played as you’re hearing it. When the notes find again the chunk of rhythm that underpins the piece, it begins to beguile, and we go from the manic need for something to happen to the gentle acceptance that nothing will. The second track, Conrad#2, named for late video artist Tony Conrad, is a condensed version of the first track. The same idioms persist, sustained delayed guitars, a sort undercurrent of rhythm.
This is a pleasant 20 odd minutes that never demands your attention. It’s hard to know if it was ever designed to actually demand your attention. Guitar ambient.
~ Dara Higgins, Thumped

Yellow6 team up with Silber for a slab of lurid ambient post-rock
Picture the scene…
It’s 5 o’clock. You’ve just finished work. On your way home you swing by the beach*. You sit on the front and watch people on the beach sun bathing, paddling, throwing balls for dogs and the waves as they hit the beach. You hear the slam of the waves on the beach and their roar as the sea goes out again. In the distance you see people having a BBQ and you get a gentle waft of the smoke. You start to walk along the prom enjoying your free time, not thinking about anything and living in the moment. Then you start to hear snippets of music drifting towards you, but you can’t see the musicians. You decide to walk on until you find the band. The music start to become clearer.
On the horizon you see a guy with a guitar, but that can’t be what you’re hearing as its just one guy, and the music you hear is layered complex. But as you get nearer you realise that what you are hearing is coming from just one person. As he works his guitar an ethereally layered sound sweeps over you. Melodic riffs swirl around heavy slabs delay and reverb. At times it reminds you of the Dead Man soundtrack as motifs and riffs continually appear and reappear. After what seems like a minute, but is in fact ten, the song ends, the guy packs up and moves along the prom. You sit on the nearest bench and contemplate what you have seen. Then, like something from a dream, the faint music starts up again as you stare at the sea whilst being drenched by the last rays of the sun.
~ thisyearinmusic

The English ambient-drone project Yellow6 released the two track single springsun on the 30th of May.
Looping guitar and oppressive loops of electronica permeate the walls of the room with their fractal expansion and as it typical of Jon Atwood – a two track single emerges as an approaching twenty one minute cradling of the ears. Never pressing volume or pace, the title piece finds the audience hypnotised by the spell of the layers of the tad over fifteen minutes of springsun.
~ Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands

Yellow6 is vanaf 1998 het atmosferische, tot de verbeelding sprekende gitaarambient project van Jon Attwood. Naast zijn vele soloreleases brengt hij tevens splitalbums uit met Rothko, Avrocar, Absent Without Leave, Caught In The Wake Forever, David Newlyn, Egsun, Portal en Landing en werkt hij met Dirk Serries samen als The Sleep Of Reason. Ook geeft hij eenmaal acte de prÚsence in Crippled Black Phoenix. Van zijn solowerken belanden er meerdere in mijn jaarlijstjes. Kortom, een artiest die ik heel hoog heb zitten. Nu komt hij met de mini Springsun EP, die een 5” omvang heeft waarin een 3” cd gevangen zit. Hij serveert twee tracks, “Springsun” van ruim 15 minuten en “Conrad #2” van 5,5 minuut. Zoals altijd bestaan deze uit minimale, droefgeestige muziek, vol drones, ambient en lichte shoegaze, die diepe snaren weten te raken en je gedachten naar desolate plekken meevoeren. Hij houdt daarbij het midden tussen Labradford, Rothko, Epic45, Robin Guthrie, Dirk Serries, Harold Budd en Slowdive. Het is als een juweel, klein maar groots qua effect. Een prachtig tussendoortje.
~ Jan Willem Broek, De Subjectivisten

Una giornata primaverile di densa foschia, i raggi del sole che provano a penetrarvi attraverso. Hanno un sapore agrodolce i venti minuti del pi¨ recente lavoro firmato Yellow6, che confermano ancora una volta la grande capacitÓ di Jon Attwood di disegnare viaggi umorali attraverso le sperimentazioni della sua chitarra.
“Springsun” che occupa gran parte del lavoro, ripropone attraverso il suo fondale saturo su cui danzano suoni ruvidi e taglienti la lotta tra luce e nebbia che ispira il disco,una danza immersa  in un fluire perentorio e malinconico. “Conrad#2”  si apre a tessiture pi¨ ariose ed eteree che sembrano voler condurre al di lÓ delle atmosfere nebbiose, immergendosi in uno stato di meditabonda sospensione.
~ SoWhat