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Various Artists
CD Compilation 2000 | Silber 011
20 tracks, 62 minutes
$7 ($9 international, $2 download (256 kbps, ~123 megs))
Track Listing:
  1. Origami Arktika - Skilpadde 
  2. Peter Aldrich - Less Visionary Than Expected
  3. Peter Aldrich - Cherry Romero
  4. small life form - decay
  5. small life form - mouthed
  6. My Glass Beside Yours - Self-deliverance
  7. My Glass Beside Yours - Sixteen
  8. Remora/Aarktica - Ends
  9. Remora - Rivin
  10. Remora - Angel Stalk (Anaaron)
  11. Remora - Slipsky
  12. Remora - Diagnosis
  13. Remora/Clang Quartet - Distressed
  14. Clang Quartet - Idiot
  15. burMonter - Thirteen Layers of Heaven
  16. Vlor - Guilt Jersey
  17. Vlor - Valge
  18. Vlor - Automatic
  19. Fade - Sadness
  20. Still - Each Day is Like Winter (excerpt)
Silber Records is a Raleigh, NC outsider label who focuses on minimal post-modern drone music. Demain is possibly the best place for virgin ears since it brings a little of this and a little of that from some of the sound architects associated with the label.
First out is the low-key drone connoisseurs of Norwegian Origami Artika with an intense and shivering sound sculpture. Not near as soothing as they've been on their full-length records but equally seducing. Peter Aldrich's "Cherry Romero" is slightly more accessible and a moment of true pleasure with echoing hazed guitars creating wonderful kaleidoscopic sound patterns. Small Life Form contributes with two short, immaculate dark aural illusions before My Glass Beside Yours gives us two angst-laden instrumental tracks with an enchanting mix of synthetic and organic elements. Remora (w/Aarktica) spins a delicate web of gossamer with "Ends" that is the starting point for their 6 tracks long section of the album. "Rivin" is an all too brief effort overflowing with otherworldly mystery and potent ambient guitarscapes. "Slipsky" is another fine effort which brings the atmospheric bliss of Hood to mind while the dark and murky vocals of "Diagnosis" recalls the hypnotic darkness of Roy Montgomery.
And there is still more to come. There is the maddeningly pulsing percussive noise number "Idiot" from Clang Quartet and three stunning tracks from Vlor where the cleansing feedback squall and acid-drenched folk guitar lines of "Guilt Jersey" prove to be the most hypnotic one. That naturally leads us to the acoustic phrasings of Fade escorted by beautiful male vocals that reminds me of someone I just can't seem to find the name of right now. The album closes with the oscillating and spacious "Each Day Is Like Winter" from Still flowing out of the speakers.
Demain is an interesting document with a wide sprawl of quiet and loud ambient textures. Perfect for any meditation and complementation camp.
~ The Broken Face

Many new artists - domestic & international - represented on this album of looping, drone-piling, sampled & modified ambiences, minimalism, & tone-wrestling...This genre/these genres of listening music are the bastard offspring of LaMonte Young, Terry Riley, Tangerine Dream, Neo, and Phil Glass. Patience is required, and rewarded. I reviewed scads of sound-art/soundscape music while writing for Option and Sound Choice in the 80's. Then, the leaders were Mnemonists, Al Margolis, Jeff Grienke, RRR's output, some things on Cuneiform, and their ilk. Silber Media is [re-] promulgating a new way of listening; one which dissolves preservative thought and opens new gates. From Jon DeRosa's liner notes: '...a culmination of nomadic sound architects & sonic refugees from around the world...the soundtrack for confusion, frustration, triumph, & despair.' Great for your mind.
~ Improvijazzation