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Space Sweeper
Three men on a droning mission to clean up space.
Space Sweeper Discography
Space Sweeper - Alien Oceans Space Sweeper - Alien Oceans
MP3 Album 2016 | Silber 200
2 tracks, 38 minutes
$3 download
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Space Sweeper is an experimental guitar hero supergroup featuring Ted Johnson (Tesla Recoils), Brian Lea McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), & Brian John Mitchell (Remora). Recorded live at Ted Johnson’s Studio 713 (Chapel Hill, NC), then mixed at Brian Lea McKenzie’s Music Factory (Myrtle Beach, SC), & finally mastered by Mitchell at Silberia (Sanford, NC); Alien Oceans is a true collaboration of all three members. A mix of space rock, prog rock, & drone.

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