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Aarktica – the sound of ice melting, official website
Attrition– a European electronic band varying from dance to ambient drones
Blessed Child Opera – main music project of Paolo Messere of Vlor
Drekka – Silber ally with a knack for psychedelic folk and drones
If Thousands – experimental ambient sounds
Jandek - mysterious and elusive non-musician out of Texas
Jamie Barnes – singer-songwriter & bedroom pop star
Jarboe – Swans songstress
Kobi – Norwegian sound icon
Lycia – highly influential atmospheric project, official band of QRD
Marc Gartman – prolific producer of insightful folk and ambient sounds
Pale Horse and Rider – Jon DeRosa's drunken, country-tinged balladry
Pineal Ventana – orchestrated noise-rock
Plumerai – Bliss-pop springs from the Newman brothers
Remora – post-apocalyptic-pop & drone ballads
Rivulets – Nathan Am’s quiet loner folk songs
Tara Vanflower – Tara from Lycia’s colorful cool website


QRD – long-running zine of Silber’s Brian John Mitchell
xo – mini-comic about an anti-hero by Brian John Mitchell & Melissa Spence Gilbert
Lost Kisses – indie comic from Brian John Mitchell
Zombie Kisses – zombie zine that'll fit in your back pocket
Aural Innovations – a space rock zine, perhaps the space rock zine
Comic Book And Movie Reviews – reviews & news of cool stuff new & old
Industrial Nation – the definitive industrial culture magazine
Morbid Outlook – gothic culture, music, and fiction with a sense of humor
Outburn – quintessential zine of subversive music
Perfect Sound Forever – the online music magazine with warped perspectives
Straight Edge – perhaps Hungary’s best zine
Tape Op – the indepentent recorder's magazine
Vendetta – the long-awaited website to everyone’s favorite defunct pop zine
Devil in the Woods – indie music staple
Pitchfork – online music institution
Fake Jazz – good source for experimental music reviews
Ink 19 – mag for underground music
Stomp and Stammer – music mag
PopMatters – it covers more than pop
Splendid – indie music staple
Brainwashed – a great webzine for underground music
Delusions of Adequacy – Jon's favorite music webzine
Dusted – great music magazine
Skyscraper – indepth indie mag
Vice Magazine – alternative culture magazine
Erasing Clouds – music website
Mundane Sounds – experimental music magazine
Pop Culture Press – more than just pop
Signal To Noise – find out about the future of jazz
The Wire – our favorite avant music magazine
Resonance – full culture coverage
Ptolemaic Terrascope – experimental, wyrd folk, psychedelia, it's all here
Babysue – surely you've heard of BabySue Record Review?
Dream – experimental music magazine run by George Parsons
Opus – this webzine loves us & we love them back
Impose – music magazine
3 AM Magazine – music magazine
Static Signals – music magazine
Lunar Hypnosis – music magazine
Music Tap – music news site
Gothic Revue – gothic culture webzine
twoblock – a music & community site
chaindlk – music magazine
Amplitude Equals Frequency Squared
Stylus Magazine – possibly our favorite music webzine
DB – australian music magazine
Matamore – belgian music magazine
Side-Line – dark culture magazine
Exclaim – canadian music magazine
Premonition – french music magazine
Blow Up – italian music magazine
RockMusic.RU – alternative music magazine for russians in russian
Radio Rag – music magazine
Dead Angel – goth culture magazine
Roadburn – music magazine
Losing Today – the shoegazer magazine
Fake Zine – music magazine from Macedonia
Rumore – italian music magazine
Gothtronic – gothic culture site
blissaquamarine – british webzine
L'entreport – music magazine
Your Flesh
Advance Copy
Sonic Playground
autres directions
Somewhere Cold
Maelstrom Zine
Everything is Fire
From Dusk til Dawn
The Broken Face
Cord Magazine
Left Hip
Innocent Words
Versus Magazine
tastes like chicken
Under the Radar


NPR – National Public Radio
Sounds of Tomorrow – drone oriented internet radio show
WFMU – Jon DeRosa’s fave station, free-from radio out of North Jersey
WNCW – one of BJM’s favorite stations, home to Joe Kendrick
WXYC – University of North Carolina’s eclectic station
KFJC – independent music station from San Francisco area
KDVS – edgy music station from San Francisco area
WZBC – edgy music station from Boston
WUAG – indie music station from Greensboro
WPRB – our favorite station in the Philadelphia area
WUSB – cutting edge music from Stony Brook, NY
KPSU – alternative radio in Portland
KTRU – great radio station from Houston
ECHOES – space rock from NPR
Screaming Streaming Internet Radio – independent internet radio
KBOO – free form radio from Portland
WNUR – the best radio station in the Chicago metro area
WNYU – alternative powerhouse from New York University
KSUA – alternative radio in Alaska
KBGA – cutting edge radio from Rollerball's hometown of Missoula
Psyche van het folk – experimental folk show from Belgium
UMFM – edgy music from Winnipeg
Wreck This Mess – independent music show from Paris
Black Channel – goth radio show from Germany
Eufonia – independent music show in Mexico
Rebelion de los Antioxidos – underground music shows in Barcelona
Radio AKROPOLIS – independent music radio in the Czech Republic
Alooga – ambient & electronic music show in Germany
Click here for a complete listing of Silber radio allies by state

Record Stores

Ameoba - largest indie record store in the country, 3 locations in sunny California
Other Music – Jon's local record store of choice in NYC
Stinkweeds – our favorite record store, located in Tempe, Arizona


Best Kept Secret – italian tape label of independent music
BlueSanct Musak – underground psych-folk label with links to Low and lovesliescrushing
Dreamland Recordings  – ambient guitars rule the continent of Australia
Elephant Stone – amazing label run by Ben of Vendetta
Krank Records – Norwegian experimental/psych label
Manifold – legendary experimental label and Silber ally
Neurot – incredible label run by the musical powerhouse Neurosis
Ochre – ethereal and experimental sounds, home to Land of Nod
Somnimage – dark experimental label
Unit Circle – label/distro and Silber ally
Young God – incredible label led by Michael Gira


Bright Eye Pictures – independent film makers of Armor of God & Monster Road
Clairaudience Collective – clear hearing, a collective
Deep Listening – exploring the relationship among any and all sounds
Kimberlee Traub – our long time friend, a great visual artist specializing in stylized pen & ink