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Silber on Silber cover Silber on Silber

So we have been joking about this compilation for a couple years & now it is finally out.  A collection of 29 artists covering songs from the Silber artist roster.  We were really flattered by all the tracks & the way so many people took tracks & totally retooled them into something of their own. I think the weirdest thing for me might be how Remora heavy the comp ended up being & that three groups choose “The One I’ve Been Waiting For.” My favorite tracks are probably “Six Tigerlilies for Elena” by Electric Bird Noise which combines three Silber songs into one & John Costello’s take on “Wires” turning a guitar track into an electro song. A general shout out is also needed to those who tried their hands at covering bands like Small Life Form & If Thousands & found them too hard to improve upon & sent apologies for not appearing. Thank you to all the artists & all of you fans for your support, it lets us know all are time hasn’t been wasted.

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Press Release
  Track Listing:
John Costello – “Wires” as made famous by Vlor
Dan Greunke – “Volcana” as made famous by Remora
Marc Gartman – “Aura Lee” as made famous by Aarktica
CJ Boyd – “Sagrado Corazón de Jesú (second attempt)” as made famous by Alan Sparhawk
North Sea Navigator/Rose Kemp – “Edward” as made famous by Black Happy Day
Promute – “3rd Day” as made famous by Clang Quartet
Electric Bird Noise – “Six Ligetilys for Elena” as made famous by Peter Aldrich/Tara Vanflower/Aarktica
Dr. Reggae Heart & the Smiths of Steel – “Plastic Heart” as made famous by Plumerai
The Torch Marauder’s Grappling Hook – “The One I’ve Been Waiting For” as made famous by Remora
Remora – “Sores” as made famous by Rollerball
Vlor – “Slipsky” as made famous by Remora
fornever – “A Presence In The Woods” as made famous by Lycia
Annelies Monseré – “To the Sun” as made famous by Remora
Jessica Bailiff – “You’re Landlocked My Love” as made famous by Aarktica
The Infant Cycle – “New Machine - Ceiling Mix” as made famous by Vlor
The Wades – “The One I’ve Been Waiting For” as made famous by Remora
Plumerai – “Kill My Way Out of Here” as made famous by Remora
Moral Crayfish – “Girls Hugging Trees” as made famous by Rollerball
Recorded Home – “Song for Elena” inspired by “Elena” by Aarktica
Rivulets – “I Told Jesus Christ How Much I Love Her” as made famous by Remora
Shaun Sandor – “Guilt Jersey” as made famous by Vlor
The Upsidedown Stars – “The Separation of Church & Hate” as made famous by Clang Quartet
Arbus – “Monster’s Kiss” as made famous by Remora
Peter Aldrich – “Nine Hours Later” as made famous by Lycia
Origami Kalima – “Fanteguten” as made famous by Origami Arktika
Verhören – “Angel Stalk (Anaaron)” as made famous by Remora
Lauri des Marais – “Nostalgia” as made famous by Aarktica
Miss Massive Snowflake – “The One I’ve Been Waiting For” as made famous by Remora
Small Life Form – “Three Suns Rising Over My Black Lung” constructed from samples from
                                                                  “Three Suns on the Rise” & “Black Lung” by Jamie Barnes
As an aficionado of the internet it always fills me with adulation when Independent labels create new releases that are purposefully designed to be available on the internet for free. With so much stiff competition from all over the globe it makes sense to give away at least some free material and if you’re lucky you may just pick up some devoted fan bases in the process. There are many creative labels that follow this ethos at present but perhaps none (at least that I have encountered) that give up so much material so freely as the Silber label. While most online labels will give a few free songs away here and there Silber have consistently provided free downloads on a fair few of their artists’ albums as well as some pretty good themed compilations (anything from songs about the end of the world to their recent Christmas compilation, all of course with Silber’s usual dark and unique twist).
Their latest compilation, Silber on Silber is yet another two CD compilation, this time taking tracks from Silber artists and having them re-imagined by others, both on and off the label.
Anyone unfamiliar with Silber’s content will get a good impression of their modus operandi from the offset, with John Costello’s version of Vlor’s ‘Wires’ opening up the album with a brilliantly moody dark wave/ post rock concoction. Followed shortly thereafter by CJ Boyd’s guitar drone version of Alan Sparhawk’s ‘Sagrado Corazón de Jesú’, sprinkled ever so slightly with a Mediterranean, if not Latin sound and flavor.
While each track is a reworking of an artist’s previous achievement, lack of knowledge on this front should not be something to put off listening as while the esoteric nature of each track will give extra interest to fans, on a general scale the album acts as a great opener to many different styles of outsider sounds. Take North Sea Navigator’s version of ‘Edward’ (featuring Rose Kemp), as truly ethereal and haunting as Black Happy Day’s original and a song Silber should be proud of in its own right, regardless of any intricate back story this and all other tracks featuring may come with. In short, a layman need not fear listening due to their lack of Silber knowledge as a good piece of weird folk is a good piece of weird folk regardless.
That said, familiar names do appear upon the compilation’s first CD (I say familiar hazily, perhaps in recognition that they should be familiar to the discerning listener) that, as well as either contributing by performance or reworking, adds a little solid ground to what, debatably, could be considered a very taciturn compilation. Firstly Fornever’s reworking of Lycia’s, ‘A Presence in the Woods’ takes the band’s recognizable dreamy dark wave riffs and samples them with a Wax Trax! records industrial sentiment. Including aggressive drum loops and synthesiser motifs evocative of the works of Wumpscut or Front Line Assembly.
Perhaps most recognisable on the first compilation is Jessica Bailiff with her track ‘You’re Landlocked My Love’ (a reworking of an Aarktika track). While less then two minutes in length, its resonance lasts much longer with several loops of Bailiff’s voice circling one another into a redolent soundscape that stands out as a distinctive piece when compared to her usual works.
CD two also provides similar weird yet great moments with some more well-known faces of Silber coming out to add their own unique mark on previous artists’ creations. For example Plumerai are unmistakable when they and their idiosyncratic harpsichord sound take on Remora’s ‘Kill My Way out of Here’, creating a slow, sauntering track heightened by Elizabeth Ezell’s husky vocal talent.
Look out too for Recorded Home’s version of ‘Songs for Elena’. A once halcyon slice of ambience and drone from Aarktika turned into an equally as spacey and sombre slice of Americana Folk. Also Rivulet’s version of Remora’s ‘I Told Jesus Christ How Much I Love Her’provides not just a sincere and melancholic Folk sound but also one of the more accessible tracks on both CD’s. If the drone and oddity is getting too much for you then stopping by this oasis of unperturbed tranquillity is highly recommended.
With so much variety of style and talent appearing here there’s sure to be something for everybody. That said even if, on the slim chance, you find nothing of interest here then at least all you’ve had to do is right click and select save as. And surely for that it’s worth a look from just about everyone regardless of their musical interest or preferences. Because finding something of high quality and for free these days is a rare thing indeed.
~ Michael Byrne, Left Hip

Songs by Silber artists as interpreted by other artists, some of whom have Silber releases of their own and some who don’t. It’s a generally low-key, laid-back collection, tending toward the melancholic sound—sometimes fragile, sometimes more intense—that has always been this label’s specialty. The two discs take us through many moods, from gorgeously forlorn to fuzzy and rough around the edges to texturally thick and noisy, even throwing in a few subtle electrobeats. There are a ton of others, too. CD1/Track 9 is a messy blast-rocker in the style of someone like Dinosaur Jr, and it’s different from everything else here. Remora (head Silber-man Brian John Mitchell’s project) is heavily represented, with ten covers of Remora songs including one by Mitchell himself under his Vlor moniker. You may know contributors such as Vlor, Marc Gartman, Jessica Bailiff, Plumerai, Rivulets, and Miss Massive Snowflake, but do yourself a favor and check out the artists you may not know, as there is one pleasant surprise after another on this release. If you know and love this label like I do, you’ll probably know what I mean when I say this release is Very Silber and very good.
~ Max Level, KFJC

Shhh... Don’t Tell Anyone. We Got the Tests Back and They’re Positive. Silber Records Is In The Family Way!
For my Mom... and my sister,
Some things are never funny. Incest, for example, is never funny. It was not funny last week when someone told a related off-color joke to me, and it was not funny in the Cosby Show re-run I saw the other night when tele-teen siblings Theo and Denise were in bed together and they were bumping uglies and the shaking was just so darned rowdy and rude that it knocked the family portrait (sans Rudy) off the nightstand. If my memory is correct (and I do believe it is), I think Theo then started jumping on the bed while spraying cream-colored pellets all over the room and all over his sister’s reclined body while yelling random battle cries from Braveheart. Denise, after a briefly putting of an air of incredulity and admonishment, grabbed Theo by his whirly-bird and swung him around like the neighborhood bully does with a cat’s tail. Afterward, Denise’s blouse is a tad disheveled, Theo’s fade a shade askew, and the kids walk downstairs hand-in-hand for Sunday roast. Cut to commercial.
The Cosby concept of family closeness portrayed in that rarely-seen episode is EXACTLY the underlying raison d’etre for the latest release from Silber Records. Well, kinda. Sorta. Not really. Before you call the cops on me and the Raleigh, NC-based "drone love honesty sound" label, when I speak of Silber being incestuous, I am talking about its bands covering one another on a new downloadable compilation available here called Silber on Silber! And come to think of it, when I read back what I wrote about that Cosby episode and its overly-familiar tone, it may really have been a hallucination or dream brought upon by sleeping next to open solvent jars and paint cans for the past two-and-a-half weeks. I like to do that to kickstart the creative juices from time to time.
Regardless of my predilection for over-the-top news story intros, Silber are indeed at it again, and they are doing it in the best possible taste. The concept of bands who share the same label covering each others’ songs is an old and chivalrous notion. Giving the resulting tracks away for FREE is not. Yet again, the good people at the awe-inspiring label are making the cream of its roster available to anyone to download. A quick glance at the following songs tells me that Remora is a favorite among the Silber siblings, but we love each and every one of them in their own way!
~ David Nadelle, Tiny Mix Tapes

Omnibulé qu'on est par la scène française, on oublie trop souvent de parler des scènes étarngères qui en valent vraiment la peine. On rectifie le tir en présentant ce mois ci la compilation SILBER ON SILBER du label SILBER Records. A découvrir de toute urgence.
Au passage, un petit coup de main à nos amis d'Arbouse.
Le meilleur pour la fin, AdGN organise son premier concert (et à priori pas le dernier) avec nos amis de Boss Kitty. Comme on est pas des rigolos, on a concocté l'affiche la plus sexy de ces 20 dernières années (si si, le détail ci-dessous)
Tiens, ca chante pas mal en français sur cette playliste, j'avais pas fait gaffe ...
Bonne écoute.
~ Asso de Gens Normal