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drones, loves, honesties, sounds - the silber sampler various artists - drones, loves, honesties, sounds
CD label sampler 2006 | silber 056
22 tracks, 76 minutes
$4 ($9 international, $1 download! (256 kbps, ~136 megs))
Track Listing:
Aarktica - “you have cured a million ghosts from roaming in my head” from the album No Solace in Sleep
Alan Sparhawk - “how the weather comes over the central hillside” from the album solo guitar
If Thousands - “2i.gst” from the album i have nothing
Rollerball - “Starling” from the album Real Hair
Rollerball - “Tambien” from the album Catholic Paws/Catholic Pause
Mike VanPortfleet - “Echoes Of The Lost Sea” from the album Beyond The Horizon Line
Vlor - “wires” from the album a fire is meant for burning
Plumerai - “illuminata” from the EP res cogitans
Goddakk - “unfortunates” from the album Monument to a Ruined Age
Remora - “The One I've Been Waiting For” from the album Enamored
Black Happy Day - “In the Garden of Ghostflowers” from the album In the Garden of Ghostflowers
Jamie Barnes - “The Fallen Acrobat” from the album The Fallen Acrobat
Jamie Barnes - “Red Prescription” from the album Honey from the Ribcage
Heller Mason - “Packing My Bags for Hell” from the album Minimalist & Anchored
Twelve - “Now” from the album First Album
Origami Arktika - “Eltavaag” from the album Vardøgr
Tara Vanflower - “a rusted nail through the wrist” from the album my little fire-filled heart
Lycia - “Tongues” from the album Estrella
Lycia - “Pray” from the album The Burning Circle And Then Dust
Kobi - “Anchored to a Central Core of Saturated Intensity” from the album Dronesyndrome
Clang Quartet - “Idiot” from the album Jihad
small life form - “pulsar” from the album one

“drones, loves, honesties, sounds” is the latest label sampler from Silber Records that features twenty two tracks from twenty two of the forty Silber releases that have been released over the past seven years. Unquestionably an ideal way to get someone well acquainted with this exceptional label, and the fact that its only $3 only sweetens the deal. Of course many of these bands shouldn’t be to unfamiliar to Lunar Hypnosis readers since fifteen of these bands have had there work reviewed here in the past.
What I really like about this compilation and the Silber Records back catalog in general is that there are lots of diverse musical styles present yet they all seem to gel so well together. We get the experimental ambient acoustic guitar drones from artists like Aarktica, Alan Sparhawk, and Vlor. There’s some more or less straightforward ambient music from If Thousands, Mike VanPortfleet, Goddakk, and Kobi, while artists like Black Happy Day, Jamie Barnes, Twelve, and Heller Mason represent the more folk/acoustic side of the Silber Records roster.
Even more curiosities come from Origami Arktika, Tara VanFlower, Clang Quartet, and Small Life Form whose music doesn’t fit in any clear genre and for simplicities sake can really only be labeled with the experimental tag. Then there’s the pop/rock/jazz fusion band Rollerball, the shoegazing bliss pop of Plumerai, the legendary darkwave sound of Lycia, and Remora the post apocalypse acoustic/ambient drone band of Silber Records owner Brian John Mitchell is also present.
Another plus side to this compilation for me personally is that the songs from Mike VanPortfleet, Plumerai, Goddakk, Remora, Jamie Barnes, Heller Mason, and Lycia are among my top favorites and are songs I listen to on a regular basis. The songs from Mike, Goddakk, Remora, and Jamie Barnes in particular are my own unsurpassed favorite songs released on Silber Records. In particular Remora’s ‘The One I’ve Been Waiting For’ is a song that always manages to make me feel really depressed with its exquisite lyrics and Lycia’s Pray, which is one of the most highly atmospheric and gorgeous songs ever wrote.
So with all that said I have nothing more to conclude with other than that there are a number of excellent songs and artists on this compilation that await you and at only $4 it’s practically free. Go dig under the couch cushions for some spare change and pick up this excellent compilation today.
~ Joe Mlodik, Lunar Hypnosis

Flipping through my ample CD collection for something new, I found something I bought several months ago but hadn't listened to yet. It's a sampler record from Silber Records entitled "drones, loves, honesties, sounds". I'd never heard of Silber Records before. It came in a simple cardboard sleeve, and I got it for a buck as I recall. One of those things I bought on a lark because I was curious, then forgot that I even had it until tonight. Well, I was gonna change that, so I popped it into my computer to give a listen.
And man, this is one of the best examples of a sampler I think I've ever heard . No, every track on it didn't appeal to me, but it's one of the widest, most diverse arrays of music put out by a single label I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. It's got everything: soft ambient, darkwave, drone, shoegazing pop, folk, jazzy rock, and some stuff that I can only really label as experimental guitar. It's a neat experience, and I can see myself buying some of the albums from different artists in the future.
You too can experience the nifty musical goodness of this sampler for yourself at the Silber Records website. They charge $4 for the physical CD (or $5.50 if you live outside the US), or you can download the full album in digital version for one dollar. That's right, 22 songs for $1. A full album for the price of one iTunes download. It's a hell of a deal even if you only wind up liking 2-3 tracks.
If you're interested in getting more listens before you commit your dough, the site has a number of other options for you. They offer a crapload of free downloads (seriously, they've got 30 albums, compilations and EPs that don't cost you a cent) as well as a streaming radio service that lets you listen as long as you like.
So, take a listen and support the indy music scene if that's your thing. If you find an artist you like, nearly all of their albums are available digitally for $5. And if you don't, well, at least you gave something new a try. :)
~ Retrochick Retroblog