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The Small Art Series is miniature primitve abstract paintings conjoined to tell narratives as mini-comics.
art & words - Brian John Mitchell
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Small Art Series 
Small Art Series
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This comic is filled with some weird art. There are some nice patterns in the paintings. The art though is not for everyone. Some would not see any value in it. This is a collection of paintings for an art exhibition. The art is abstract. It is very abstract. So it is definitely not for everyone.
~ Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online

Silber Media has this amazing line of comics called Silber minis. They are comics that are literally a little bit bigger than a match book and range anywhere from 20-40 pages. A few of us here at ComicAttack were sent these little gems, and I absolutely think they are some of the coolest things out there. However, many of these miniature books of joy are not totally kosher for kids, so I can’t cover the vast array here in my column (however, Josh on our team here is working up a really nice article that you can read all about, so stay tuned to our site), but there is a line of them that is everyone-friendly and that is the Small Art Series.
The Small Art Series are several small 10 or more page books in all color which show off an array of art, all in a theme. Poems or themes connect a series of paintings in these pages, many of which are interesting to look at. The books “American,” “Climb,” “Awake,” and “Why Birds Sing” all have this fantastic freedom of modern art feel to them, with colors woven over a canvas to our delight, giving us reflections on the poems that set each book up. “Miscellaneous” gives us several poems and paintings, each one unique and wonderful in their own way. This reviewer’s favorite, and the final title in this collection we received to review, was “Professor Horton,” which is a direct homage to classic Marvel character Dr. Horton, who created the original Human Torch (now referred to in the Marvel universe as the Torch). The interesting thing in “Professor Horton” is that, although we do get a hint of the Torch, we really get paintings trying to convey the emotions behind such a creation and what it means, and not just some homage-paintings.
These are different, I’ll give you that. The Small Art Series is literally that, though, folks – an art series. If you love art, paintings, and museums like I do, then this is your bag right here. For those who prefer a more narrative story telling, this won’t be for you, although I enjoyed them so I encourage you to give it a try.
~ Drew McCabe, Comic Attack

This review addresses a trio of interesting mini-comics entitled SMALL ART SERIES: AMERICAN, SMALL ART SERIES: AWAKE, and SMALL ART SERIES: CLIMB. There were no credits to speak of, but I’m assuming they might be the work of Brian John Mitchell, who writes most of the Silber Media offerings. I happened to read the books in the order I just listed, but I actually think they’d be best consumed by going from AMERICAN to CLIMB, and then to AWAKE. The compelling trio in the SMALL ART SERIES have just a single page of text followed by 9 full page images. The pictures look more like shrunken versions of Fine Art works that you’d find in a museum or gallery setting vs. sequential art. The sequence of the 3 books follows a basic 3 act structure, which is why I think they’re best consumed as a full set. By doing so, you get a cleaner line of introduction, conflict, and resolution from the work. AMERICAN seems concerned by how much our family history and lineage affects who we are and questions what happens to our psyche if that information is deliberately distorted. CLIMB (and heaven help me, I couldn’t get that damn Miley Cyrus pop song out of my head!) seems to be about resolve and perseverance in the face of adversity. AWAKE is about emerging from this process in a kind of spiritual rebirth that clarifies our higher purpose in service of humanity. I’m not sure the SMALL ART SERIES is something that you could consume in larger quantities and not grow weary of, but for a short burst of unique entertainment, I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it before. It held my attention and pulled more consideration out of me than I expected it to. Grade A.
~ Justin Giampaoli, Poopsheet Foundation