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Brian John Mitchell
a brief history of Brian John Mitchell: 
Brian John Mitchell was born in 1975.  He spent the majority of the late 1980s & early 1990s developing reality jumping technology through alteration of brain chemistry.  This technology resulted in an assassination & super-social-seizure by an alternate version of himself in 1993 with subsequent self-assassinations occuring in 1998 & 2001.  His musical output can be heard in Vlor, Remora, & Small Life Form.  He also writes comics & edits the zine QRD. 
Brian John Mitchell Discography
Brian John Mitchell: four and a half Brian John Mitchell - four and a half
MP3 Album 2012 | Silber 115
1 track, 270 minutes (500 megs, may take a little while to download)
$5 download
listen on Silber
How much drone can you handle… your patience will be tested on this one.
~ The Sirens Sound

A 4.5 hour drone built from ebowed guitars & basses accompanied by keyboard & theremin.

: Listen to the track four and a half (excerpt)
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