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This is one band that is different enough to appeal to drone fans while still up-tempo enough to appeal to more mainstream listeners, & that in itself is a dazzling combination.
~ Chris Dahlberg, Cosmos Gaming

About Plumerai
I’ll go ahead & give away that the name Plumerai comes from a french lullaby about depluming a bird.  Plumerai is post-pop band from Boston.  Equally influenced by 80’s punk (The Misfits, Minor Threat), early 90’s british alternative (The Cure, Cranes, PJ Harvey), & modern art-rock (Radiohead, Gogol Bordello, Cat Power, Yeah Yeah Yeahs); the results are shoegazing guitars, Cat Power-esque style vocals, tight drumming, & driving bass lines – everything you could want from pop oriented music.

Slugging it out since 2004 going through line-up changes searching for the perfect band & tightening up on tours, they currently consist of Eliza Brown (vocals), Mickey Vershbow (drums), & brothers Martin Newman (guitars & keyboards) & James Newman (bass).  Brown brings sweet floating vocals to the mix.  Vershbow gives us dynamic drums with subtlety & strength.  Martin Newman provides the heavily reverbed guitars around which the songs are built. James Newman brings the percussive bass lines that help hold things together.

Plumerai discography
Plumerai - Mondegreen Mondegreen
CD Album 2012 | Silber 121
10 tracks, 44 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (320 kbps MP3))
Plumerai returns with an album of post punk & proto-shoegaze pop.

: Listen to the track 13
: Press Release
: Reviews
Plumerai - Marco Polo Marco Polo
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 112
4 tracks, 16 minutes
download zip file from Silber
listen on Silber
The first recording of Plumerai with all new line-up featuring new vocalist Eliza Brown & new drummer Mickey Vershbow.

: Listen to the track Loss
: Press Release
: Reviews
Plumerai: Your Guilty Prize Your Guilty Prize
CD 2011 | Silber 104
9 tracks, 42 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (320 kbps, ~104 megs))
The shoe-gazey/dream-poppy foundations are still there, but it’s the strength of Elizabeth Ezell’s vocal performances & the richness & sophistication of the band’s songwriting & instrumentation that make “Your Guilty Prize” Plumerai‘s most mature & varied work yet.
~ Love and Mathematics

Plumerai returns with more sultry shoegaze influenced pop.  Hand-printed covers by the band themselves.

: Listen to the track Strike
: Press Release
: Reviews

Without Number
CD 2007 | Silber 059
9 tracks, 45 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~83 megs))
The full length from post-pop stars Plumerai.  Includes the cover of Remora's "Kill My Way Out of Here."

: Listen to the track Home Again
: Press Release
: Reviews

Plumerai: res cogitans res cogitans
CD-R EP 2006 | Silber 055
4 tracks, 22 minutes
$8 ($14 international, $2 download (256 kbps, ~40 megs))
Shoegazing bliss-pop from Boston on this limited edition EP.  The first accurate capturing of a fantastic band.

: Listen to the track Illuminata
: Press Release
: Reviews

MP3 Remix EP 2006 | Get Nice Records

CD Album 2004 | Get Nice Records

Compilation Appearances

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