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Kobi is not a solo project or a fixed band, but a setting where I try out musical ideas different from the other projects where I am involved...When one is making solo music, the music tends to be dictated by a sole idea. When a second person joins in, there is a new dimension added. There is always something more to the music than the actual persons that perform it: "the third person". - Kai Mikalsen

About Kobi

Kobi explores the possibilities of improvisation, timbre and sound. Changes in tone and timbre are created via aural perception and intuition,instead of following the western-tempered harmonic scale, which we Kobi finds limiting. Another focus is space, dynamics, frequencies and depth, more than melody and instrumentation.

The basis of the CDs and live performances are location recordings or synthesizer loops processed electronically. Atop this mix are acoustic loops or other sources of sound such as guitar, percussion, voice, etc...

Still, the most significant part of the Kobi sound is improvisation, where silence also plays a major part.

The Musicians and Their Related Projects

Kai Mikalsen - KA, Sketch, Origami Arktika
Fredrik Ness Sevendal - Slowburn
Per Gisle Galåen - Slowburn, Del, Ranheim, Marmont
Petter Pogo - Pogomono, SS Bondevik, Termisk Sammenbrudd, Jokke og Valentinerne, Pogomax
Kjell Runar Jenssen - Slowburn, Del
Kjell Olav Jørgensen - Salvatore
Marius Lien - Origami Olympika
Rune Flaten - Origami Arktika
Bjarne Larsen - Origami Arktika, Palace of Pleasure, Salvatore
Clop Neplat - Origami Synergika
Lars H. Bergh
John Hegre - Jazzkammer, Der Brief, Kaptein Kaliber
Alexander Rishaug - ARM, Rishaug Marhaug
Tore H. Bøe - KA, Origami Arktika, Origami Replika, I Quit, MBD, The Nordic Miracle
Lasse Marhaug - Jazzkammer, Del, Origami Replika, Rishaug Marhaug, MBD, Origami Arktika

Kobi Discography

CD Album 2005 | Silber 041
9 tracks, 50 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~98 megs))
: Listen to the track Faint Echoes Ran Round the Unseen
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outwards from a core area in the north
MP3 EP 2005 | silber 047
3 tracks, 15 minutes
download zip file | page


dronesyndrome medley ep
MP3 EP 2005 | silber 045
1 track, 20 minutes
free download page


CD Album 2003 | Silber 025
10 tracks, 62 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~113 megs))
: Listen to the track it was often enough simply to pursue doubt
: More info
: Reviews

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