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Various Artists
CD Compilation 1996 | Silber 001
out of print
Track Listing:
  1. Dust - Approach
  2. 1SBH - Colour Day
  3. My Glass Beside Yours - I’ll let you go through it once....
  4. The Unquiet Void - What is Gone is Gone
  5. Trance to the Sun - Envisage
  6. Falling Janus - Descend
  7. An April March - Avibdake
  8. Faith & Disease - Crown of Sorrow (live)
  9. Morphine Angel (w/Ashkelon) - Dag
  10. burMonter - Thirteen Layers of Heaven
  11. Snowblind - This Brilliant Nightmare
  12. Peter Aldrich - Floaters
  13. Pineal Ventana - Mended
  14. Tubalcain - Carbon Black
  15. 17Larva - Miracle of the Sun
  16. dA Sebasstian - Tine
  17. Attrition - Keepsakes & Reflections
  18. Engram - What Am I?
"Eighteen tracks. None of them previously released. A majority of them from established yet underground bands in the (so-called) gothic/darkwave (and occasionally industrial) genre. How could this possibly go wrong? It doesn’t. This is possibly the most innovative, original, and refreshing compilation I have seen in a long time. The artists were obviously picked with great care; there are no dud tracks, no lulls in the light air of this disc. Opening this compilation is Dust, a side project of Mike VanPortfleet of Lycia. This is a great and unexpected opening. Vocalless, yet extremely powerful, it sets an extremely high quality pace for the rest of the disc. Other powerful but lesser known bands stand along side. Trance to the Sun contribute a nine minute out-take that is extremely tight, extremely beautiful. Faith & Disease add a live version of "Crown of Thorns" which allows vocalist Dara Rossenwasser the spotlight. Tubalcain show up with an out-take from the Left album that adds a bit of light industrialism. Kill Switch...Klick vocalist dA Sebasstian does spoken word to noise accompaniment, which, being that his solo work is not prevalent, is worth hearing. Attrition rounds out the pack with a strong cut, circa 1994. Of the lesser known acts, The Unquiet Void’s spooky melodies stand out, whereas Falling Janus provides a high quality interpretation of familiar gothic chords. An April March and burMonter, as well, are extremely worthwhile contributions. In all, this disc is so worth picking up, words cannot describe it. In a world where gothic compilations are structured around the same six to eight bands with a similar derivative sound, a compilation like this that showcases what innovations can be done with this style of music is so much needed. If you like darkwave, go get this. It’s worth it." - Industrial Nation

"This comp includes exclusively or currently unavailable tracks by some new and promising alternative bands such as the ambient/percussive & haunting psychedelia of The Unquiet Void, Dust, and Trance to the Sun. 1SBH contribute with their typical Cure-ish vocals which they lay upon an experimental background, while Falling Janus play sort of ghastly darkwave. Faith & Disease present their melancholic orchestral variations with dreamy female vocals and are followed by the experimental batcave of Morphine Angel. The next track is a fantastic piece by burMonter featuring sting samples and majestic female vocals and fits perfectly with the string samples of Snowblind, upon which the singer unfolds his mystical vocals. Okay, let’s take a breath... Peter Aldrich transports us to a hypnotic world with atmospheric vocals, walking basslines, and whale-like guitars; while Tubalcain presents us a Bill Laswell-like track with an ethnic touch and industrial vocals. 17Larva contribute their Sonic Youth-like guitars which are excellently contrasted to the sounds of a vibraphone. dA Sebasstian offers a rather intense combination of ambient sounds, ethnic singing samples and radio vocals, creating an atmospheric mood. The most famous band on the comp, Attrition, appear with a great song featuring fairy and theatrical female vocal variations over a melancholic piano segment. The comp closes with Engram’s horror-like space soundscapes, which turn into a trance/ambient phrase with a dancing beat. The whole compilation is marked by a rather dense atmosphere, and you should really order it soon, otherwise you are doomed to miss 50% of your music horizons." - Fight Amnesia