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Vigilant is the story of vigilantes or revolutionaries or a better future.
story & words - Brian John Mitchell
artwork - PB Kain (issue 1 only)

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Vigilant issue 
Vigilant issue
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Reviews (may contain spoilers):
* Vigilant #1 *
These preditors have the least to lose which makes them dangerous. They are small but they still go out and protect those that need it. The art shows off these preditors who prey on evil people. The art is simple. The vigilant preditors or protectors do look a lot like the little cloaked creatures from Star Wars. These little guys can be scary.
~ Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online

To me this story read more as a poem, and I liked it. It just read as a clear cut message on how to protect the underdog. The thing that stood out most to me was that this was just an introduction into where this series can go. The characters come off as a group ready to protect society, who they are we don’t know just yet. There is some good appeal to this book. The downside to me was some of the artwork. It wasn’t the best looking of the bunch, but the panels delivered what they needed to.
~ Decapitated Dan, From the Tomb

The offerings from Silber Media remain one of the best bangs for the literal buck if you’re interested in seeing some strong ideas that stray from the beaten path. They’re potent little pills of entertainment. This series seems to focus on some hooded neighborhood vigilantes. I still think the text scroll at the bottom can be fairly mechanical at times, and the use of ampersands is visually distracting, but there’s nice use of punctuated beats in the story and I really enjoy the cadence of lines like “truth & light in the night.” Grade A-.
~ Poopsheet Foundation

* Vigilant #2 *
This is one of those comics that makes me think I should do a comic. I understand this might sound arrogant or asinine, but sometimes I read a comic and think "I could write a better Rubaiyat than that Khayyam dipshit." (In fact, I have been thinking that almost at random since August of 2001, when I first read that in The Onion, but also whenever I read a comic that is mostly lacking in appeal.)
Of course, no one compared Vigilant to The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, nor should they. Regardless of interpretation, it seems like the Rubaiyat has been widely influential on generations of literary and philosophical scholars, while Vigilant would be unlikely to even keep a fifth grader amused for 10 minutes.
The drawings are repetitive and seem fairly filler-ish, and some panels appear to be plain old "copy pasta," with the author simply copying and pasting one image repeatedly instead of bothering to compose the panel. One of my least favorite panels has nothing but some short lines in every direction radiating out from the center, with the text "Bullets fly everywhere." It is unpleasantly like playing Pictionary. The text is the story-driver here, and it is at least brisk and uncomplicated.
Normally when a comic is this bad, I would recommend steering clear of it. However, I think it is good to read a thing and wonder if I could do better. Think of Vigilant #2 as a way to feel inspired and motivated about creating a comic of your own.
~ Holly von Winckel, Sequential Tart

These vigilantes do go beyond way the law allows for a citizen to do to a criminal even if the criminal deserves it.
The vigilante becomes a criminal himself.
The art is simple and ameteurish. The story as well is to. Its about a guy taking the law into his own hands and going to far.
~ Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online