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Firetail is Andrea Vascellari, best known for his slowcore project Lullabier that has shared the stage with the likes of Rivulets, Low, Jessica Bailiff, & Boduf Songs. With Firetail he approaches music differently, instead of a minimalist singer-songwriter approach, he uses guitars & effect processors to build soundscapes. I know, it sounds like a natural fit for Silber & it is. In the vein of Aarktica, If Thousands, Thorn1, & mwvm, Firetail brings another take to the guitar driven ambient drone Silber has been known for since the 1990s. Peaceful & melancholy, lethargic & hopeful, lost & found. A warm blanket & lost friend waiting on the sea shore
Firetail discography
Firetail: Learning to Cheat
Firetail - Learning to Cheat
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 133
2 tracks, 16 minutes
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A free EP to introduce all you Silberians to Firetail, the ambient guitar drone project of Andrea Vascellari of the italian slowcore band Lullabier.  Recommended if you like Aarktica, mwvm, Thorn1, If Thousands, or essentially half of the Silber roster....

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