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The Infant Cycle

a brief introduction to The Infant Cycle
For over twenty years Jim DeJong led The Infant Cycle on excursions of drone, ambient, & noise built from electro-acoustics, field recordings, & traditional instruments.

The Infant Cycle Silber Discography
The Infant Cycle - The Bundle of Joy The Infant Cycle - The Bundle of Joy
MP3 Box Set 2015 | Silber 191
36 tracks, 3 hours 19 minutes
$5 download
A collection of rarities encompassing the twenty year career of The Infant Cycle.  Electro-acoustic, ambient, drone, noise, & silence.

: Listen to the track The Nice Intro
: Listen to the track Shiny Venus
: Press Release
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The Infant Cycle - The Complete Infant Cycle The Infant Cycle - The Complete Infant Cycle
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 141
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
listen on Silber
This is the celebration of near-silence, the tension that exists in the small spaces.
~ Beach Sloth

The Infant Cycle has been slogging out their own brand of music blending drone, ambient, noise, & music concrete for nearly 20 years. The Complete Infant Cycle represents all the current things The Infant Cycle currently does distilled down into just five minutes.

: Listen to the track C no. 2
: Press Release
: Reviews

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