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Five songs in five minutes
The Infant Cycle - The Complete Infant Cycle The Infant Cycle - The Complete Infant Cycle
MP3 EP 2013 | Silber 141
5 tracks, 5 minutes

The Infant Cycle has been slogging out their own brand of music blending drone, ambient, noise, & music concrete for nearly 20 years. The Complete Infant Cycle represents all the current things The Infant Cycle currently does distilled down into just five minutes

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Track Listing:
C no. 2
Hulls Gently Ebb And Collide
C no. 3
Auntie, You're Carrying The Biggest One Yet

The Infant Cycle delves deep into industrial grime. For ‘The Complete Infant Cycle’ tries to articulate the small sounds that often escape perception. Normally discarded noise is used for maximal effect over the course of the EP. Adding certain grandeur to the grime is what The Infant Cycle excels at, and with this collection it even goes further, adding a narrative to these wordless soundscapes.
Right from the beginning the sound is enormous. ‘C no. 2’ starts off with a large expansive take on ambient industrial drone. There’s a gritty charm to it that is highly reminiscent of *Zoviet France, something that is more keenly felt on ‘Hulls Gently Ebb and Collide’. For ‘Hulls Gently Ebb and Collide’ there’s something strangely mystical about its quiet polite repetition. ‘Pope’ uses a different approach. Here the sounds are frustrated given no open space whatsoever, prone to collisions. ‘C no. 3’ returns to the glory of the beginning. Unlike the beginning there are more interruptions. Somehow The Infant Cycle manages to maintain control of the song, yet the exploration of tension helps to keep it rather engaging.
For the finale things become essentially silent. Hearing the sounds requires deep listening. While the beginning and end of the track is rather jarring it overall manages to work as a negative portrait of what preceded it. Works found on ‘The Complete Infant Cycle’ are extremely quiet verging on near-silence. This is the celebration of near-silence, the tension that exists in the small spaces.
~ Beach Sloth