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Barbarian in Vegas Barbarian In Vegas
$1.50 ($2.50 intn'l) (includes shipping)
A new series?  Maybe, at the very least our first zero issue.  Vaguely inspired by the comic book What If Conan Was Trapped in the Twentieth Century.
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Concept & Artwork by Nate McDonough.
The art style has an appeal to it that makes it fun.
There is violence in this issue as there would be given the situation. The story line is easy to follow.
The character is shown adopting to his new environment. The barbarian being a savage brute fits right in in Vegas.
The art is simple. The barbarian's muscles pop out at you. His face says he can be a fun guy. His actions show he is tough and rough. He is a savage out of time surviving in a savage land.
~ Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online