Zombie Kisses
 Zombie Kisses is a series of stories about life after the zombie plague.  It focusses more on the emotional turmoil & moral & mental changes caused by the armageddon than the gore, in the same way the Romero films are more about social commentary than blood.    Click on the covers to read the issues.  I suggest only reading one issue a day to contribute to the episodic nature....
read Zombie Kisses # 1 Zombie Kisses #1
Originally written way back in 1998 as a short story called "A three-legged race" &  inspired by a dream about me & my brother.
read Zombie Kisses #2 Zombie Kisses #2
A continuation of the story & my favorite issue, the part about the ex-girlfriend is probably the most accurate thing I've ever written.
read Zombie Kisses #3 Zombie Kisses #3
When my ex-girlfriend printed the cover to this her co-workers heckled her about it.  It probably has the best cliffhanger ending of all the issues.
read Zombie Kisses #4 Zombie Kisses #4
The most action packed issue.  Not too many zombies, but lots of guns.
read Zombie Kisses #5 Zombie Kisses #5
This issue is about trying to refocus your life after the completion of revenge.  Unfortunately the easiest way to do that is with a delusional quest....
read Zombie Kisses #6 Zombie Kisses #6
When a drunken Steve Buscemi becomes the voice of reason, you know there's trouble....
read Zombie Kisses Early Nights #1 Zombie Kisses: Early Nights #1
A few short pieces taking place on the same world in the first year or so after the plague hits.
Zombie Kisses: Early Nights #2
A love story from shortly after the plague.  You can't always save the ones you love....
read Zombie Kisses: Big City Nights #1 Zombie Kisses: Big City Nights #1
First installment of a series depicting moral decay in the big cities where money & drugs are big sources of power. So I guess things are always the same.
Zombie Kisses: Big City Nights #2
A second installment trying to escape the city.  Out of the frying pan & into the fire....
read Zombie Kisses: 62 years after death Zombie Kisses: 62 years after death
A one-shot that takes place 62 years after the dead have been coming back to life & is maybe the most visually oriented & vicious story arc of the series.
Zombie Kisses: mobil zombies
A really short comic about working at a gas station.
Zombie Kisses: Luxuries is a short film being made based on an Early Nights type story.  The trailer to gain financing has been shot, but finances have slowed things down.  We'll let you know more as things get set in stone, the script is less about gore & more into emotional turmoil than any zombie film I've seen.

Zombie Kisses: Everything is the Same is another short film we're working on.  It's just a one actor piece with no gore & no action, just emotional issues.

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