Zombie Kisses: Mobil Zombies 
Usually the zombies don’t come here.  I think they’re instinctively afraid of the fuel smell because when zombies first came they’d spray them with petrol & light them on fire.  Kind of like cats being afraid of water.

When the car pulls up I see the guy has a girl inside.

A dead girl bound with tape.

She was probably 
really beautiful 
when she was alive
because she’s still 
attractive now with 
the blood & drool 
in her hair.

She’s struggling to free herself 
as he pumps the gas.
He comes to pay me his $5 
& I don’t even speak to him.
He opens his door & she grabs him & pulls him in.

I pull the pistol out of
the cash register
& go out & shoot the man to shut him up.
Then I shoot the girl.
I push the bodies over & get in the car & drive it away from the pump & go back to work at my register.