Zombie Kisses?

Some people think Zombie Kisses is about gore & physical violence.  I have done my best to avoid the gore & violence as much as possible while still telling the story.  I donít describe every single murder or act of self-defense in graphic detail & the times that I do are meant to keep the storyline from becoming too glamorous & overly romantic rather than to titillate.

One of the things Zombie Kisses is about is the idea that mere survival is a source of hope & inspiration.  Everyone I know seems to be going through their own personal apocalypses & some people get quite broken by them & other just slightly damaged.  Keeping from becoming a self-centered jerk in the face of such things is very difficult & my brotherís ability to do this is admirable.  Not just physical survival but a survival of good character & morality is something we all should be after.  The survival of this morality & of family values is a major point, & probably the major point, of the series.

I guess what Zombie Kisses is about stylistically is combining a post-modern emotionally-driven writing style with the things Iíve always found so interesting with the episodic nature of comic books & television.  How in a way nothing ever happens, unless you miss a part & then it doesnít make sense.  Itís also an attempt to write in an omni-present style reminiscent of cinema & especially westerns.

Why the apocalypse instead of daily life?  Well, I grew up at a special time where I was watching movies like Dawn of the Dead & Threads & The Day After & Warlords of the 21st Century & Deathrace 2000 in elementary school.  I remember a conversation with my friend William in the third grade where we were talking about the year 2000 & factually saying that nuclear war would come before that.  So I wasnít the only one like that & itís all deep inside my subconscious trying to break free.  As far as it being zombies instead of some other apocalypse, I guess in a way the survival of zombies is a little happier & took less research than nuclear war.

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