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Electric Bird Noise - Nighttime TidesElectric Bird Noise - Follow the StarElectric Bird Noise - Birth
Electric Bird Noise - Kind of BlackElectric Bird Noise: Desert Jelly
Electric Bird Noise - Music from the Short Film Icarus CityElectric Bird Noise: Live at The BasementElectric Bird Noise: The Silber Sessions
Electric Bird Noise Silber Discography Download Bundle - $12!
Get all 8 Electric Bird Noise releases on Silber for just $12!

Yellow6 - No Memories, Only PhotographsAndrew Weathers: They Turned the Heat OnThe Wet Teens
Philip Polk Palmer - Here in the DeadlightsAarkticaBroken Hearts
M is We - M is WeKaiju TempleChvad SB - Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree
Top Ten 2015 Most Popular Silber Releases Download Bundle - $20!
These are the ten releases that received the most traffic on the Silber website in 2015.  Most came out in 2015, but some are old classics.  $20 is a $19 savings on these three comps, five albums, & two EPs!  You get:
Various Artists: Broken Hearts Broken Sounds
Andrew Weathers: They Turned the Heat On
Yellow6: No Memories Only Photographs
Aarktica: Pure Tone Audiometry
The Wet Teens: Let It Pee
Various Artists: Make Some Noise
Philip Polk Palmer: Here in the Deadlights
Various Artists: Kaiju Temple
Chvad SB: Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot Tree
M is We: M is We

Yellow6 - No Memories, Only Photographs Yellow6  Two CD Deal - $20!
Get physical copies of both Yellow6 albums on Silber - No Memories, Only Photographs & Closer to the Sea without Moving for just $20 ($27 international) including shipping!

Yellow6 - No Memories, Only Photographs Yellow6 Download Bundle - $9!
Download all four Yellow6 releases for sale in the Silber download shop for just $9, less than regular price of the two albums & you get the two EPs as well!  You get:
No Memories, Only Photographs
Merry6mas 2014
Closer to the Sea without Moving
5 (5in5 EP)

Remora - I Came To Party Remora Download Bundle - $9!
Download all thirteen Remora releases for sale in the Silber download shop for less than a buck a piece!  You get:
Some Past's Future

Some Future's Past EP
The Alcohol EPs
Scars Bring Hope
The Heart That Kills
I Came to Party
Almost Live Series

Kirchenkampf - The Body ElectricX-Bax - AokigaharaParties - Tea Time
PD Wilder - O Tokke HymnsSagan Youth - Chem SetLlarks - 5 x 5
Chvad SB - Outside the Shadow of an Aliquot TreeLD&Co - The Just-World PhenomenonBlack Wedding - Recursive
2015 5in5 Download Bundle! - 11 EPs for $7!
Get the 9 latest installments of our 5in5 series for just $7!  Easy way to support the artists, the series, & save enough of you own money to buy a bean burrito!
Music from Heaven Falls Hard, Lure of the Unknown, Kirchenkampf, X-Bax, Parties, PD Wilder, Sagan Youth, Llarks, Chvad SB, LD&Co, & Black Wedding.
45 tracks, 45 minutes
$6 download

Silber Records Early On Download Special - 10 releases for just $15!
Download ten of the most popular Silber releases from 1995-2002 for just $15.  That's two thirds off! 
Various Artists - Alleviation
Various Artists - Demain
Aarktica -  No Solace in Sleep
Clang Quartet - Jihad
Various Artists - Zann
Land of Nod - Mont Ventoux
Peter Aldrich -  Less Visionary Than Expected
Remora - Some Past's Future
Origami Arktika - Vardogr
Remora/Pale Horse And Rider/Rivulets - The Alcohol EPs
Worms #1 Silber Ten Mini-Comic Deal - $7!
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buttons Silber Ten Button Deal - $5!
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