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Special sales so you can afford to support the music you love.  All prices include shipping.
Thorn1 - The Light of Random StarAcross The Mountains - A Macedonian Ambient Music Compilation

Subscribe to the Future Deal - $50!
Download the two latest releases from Silber (the Across the Mountains compilation & Thorn1's The Light of Random Star) & subscribe to digital delivery of our next ten full length releases (including Rllrbll, Remora, If Thousands, Yellow6, Space Sweeper, Chvad SB, & a compilation) for just $50 (a $10 savings) & receive all of the upcoming EPs for free (including Andrew Weathers, Halcyon Chamber, Goddakk, Parties, Lost Trail, Black Wedding, PD Wilder, Matteo "NonMiPiaceIlCirco!" Preabianca, Remora, & Small Life Form a $15 savings for a total of $25 savings).  Subscriptions really help us to be able to give artists a budget to work with.  As always half the money goes to the future of Silber & the other half goes to the artists.

Goddakk - IVLost Trail - Rural Entropy EP
black wedding - recursivematteo
Subscribe to the 5 in 5 EP Series - $10!
Subscribe to digital deliver of the next fifteen installments of our 5 in 5 series for just $10 (a $5 savings).  Upcoming contributors include
Goddakk, Parties, Lost Trail, Black Wedding, Frank Alexander, PD Wilder, Matteo "NonMiPiaceIlCirco!" Preabianca, Remora, Small Life Form, & many more.  Subscribing to the series helps insure it continuing & gives our artists a budget to work with.

Small-Life-Form-we-shall-be-oneYellow6 5
5 in 5 EP Series I Bundle Deal - $15!
Download the original twenty-five 5 in 5 EPs for just $15 (a $10 savings). Includes EPs from Remora, Mister Science, Northern Valentine, Electric Bird Noise, Drekka Soundsystem, From Oceans to Autumn, Goddakk, fornever, Rllrbll, Nik Furious, Wades, Baptizer, Feel No Other, Ben Link Collins, Shaun & Zlata Sandor, Andrew Weathers, Bryce Eiman, Muscle Mass, The Infant Cycle, Dan West, Ms., Tony Whitlock, Small Life Form, Carl Kruger, & Yellow6.  As always half the money goes to the future of Silber & the other half goes to the artists.

Feel No Other - Feel No OtherElectric Bird Noise - Kind of Black
slicnaton - autoscopyIf Thousands: For
2014 So Far Download Deal - $30!
Download the seven new Silber releases for just $30 (a $20 savings). Chvad SB, the massive QRD - The Guitarists compilation & ebook, Origami Arktika, Electric Bird Noise, If Thousands, slicnaton, & Feel No Other.  As always half the money goes to the future of Silber & the other half goes to the artists.

Feel No Other - Feel No OtherElectric Bird Noise - Kind of Black Electric Bird Noise & Feel No Other 2 CD Deal - $20!
Get the two new Silber CDs from EBN & FNO for just $20 ($25 international).

Remora - I Came To Party Remora Download Bundle - $9!
Download all nine Remora releases for sale in the Silber download shop for just a buck a piece!  Go to the free download page to grab seven more Remora releases for a nearly complete discography & hear the music evolve & devolve.  You get these nine releases:
Some Past's Future
Some Future's Past EP
The Alcohol EPs
Scars Bring Hope
The Heart That Kills
I Came to Party

Silber Records Early On Download Special - 10 releases for just $15!
Download ten of the most popular Silber releases from 1995-2002 for just $15.  That's two thirds off! 
Various Artists - Alleviation
Various Artists - Demain
Aarktica -  No Solace in Sleep
Clang Quartet - Jihad
Various Artists - Zann
Land of Nod - Mont Ventoux
Peter Aldrich -  Less Visionary Than Expected
Remora - Some Past's Future
Origami Arktika - Vardogr
Remora/Pale Horse And Rider/Rivulets - The Alcohol EPs
Silber Records Five Discs Deal - $30!
Get five Silber CDs of your choice for our clearance price of just $30 ($60 international).  Just  Email your five picks from the list below.
Silber Records Ten Twelve Discs Deal - $50!
Get any ten selected Silber releases for $50 ($90 international) including shipping plus two bonus discs of our selection.  Email your ten picks from the list below.
Discs available for these deals:
Aarktica: No Solace in Sleep

Aarktica: In Sea
Alan Sparhawk: solo guitar

Azalia Snail: Celestial Respect
Black Happy Day: In the Garden of Ghostflowers

burMonter: fell
Carta: An Index of Birds
Clang Quartet: Separation of Church & Hate
Clang Quartet:Jihad
Heller Mason: Minimalist & Anchored
Hotel Hotel: The Sad Sea
If Thousands: I have nothing
If Thousands: Lullaby
Jamie Barnes: Honey from The Ribcage
Jamie Barnes: The Fallen Acrobat
Jamie Barnes: the recalibrated heart
Kobi: Projecto
Kobi: dronesydrome
Land of Nod: Mont Ventoux
Lost Kisses: My Life Is Funny & Sad (DVD)
Moodring: Scared of Ferret
mwvm: rotations

Northern Valentine: The Distance Brings Us Closer
Origami Arktika: Trollebotn
Origami Arktika: Vardogr
Peter Aldrich: Less Visionary Than Expected
Plumerai: Without Number
Remora/Pale Horse and Rider/Rivulets: The Alcohol EPs
Remora: Enamored
Remora: Scars Bring Hope
Remora: Some Future's Past EP

Remora: Some Past's Future
Remora: songs i sing
Rollerball & Ovo: My First Cowboy
Rollerball: Behind the Barber
Rollerball: Catholic Paws
Rollerball: Real Hair
Sarah June: In Black Robes
Small Life Form: One

Tara VanFlower: My Little Fire-Filled Heart
Twelve: be careful what you don't wish for
Twelve: First Album
Vlor: a fire is meant for burning
Vlor: six-winged
Various Artists: A cage went in search of a bird, a tribute to Franz Kafka

Various Artists: Alleviation
Various Artists: Demain
Various Artists: drones,loves,honesties,sounds
Various Artists: Little Darla Has a Treat for You vol. 27 Eternal Spring Edition
Various Artists: test tones 02

Various Artists: Zann
Worms #1 Silber Ten Mini-Comic Deal - $7!
Get ten random Silber Mini-Comics for just $7 ($17 international) including shipping!

buttons Silber Ten Button Deal - $5!
Get ten random Silber Buttons for just $5 ($15 international) including shipping!