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a brief history of From Oceans to Autumn:

Brandon Helms (guitars, samples) & Allen Knight (bass) founded From Oceans to Autumn in the summer of 2006 — shortly after laying to rest their previous band, Autumn Is Forever, which had been together from 1997 to 2004. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, the pair proceeded to recruit Eddie McDaniel (drums) & Jodi Haas (guitar) in order to record their debut full-length, Calmed by the Tide (Forgotten Empire Records, 2007) & showcased a broad range of instrumental post-metal and drone rock influences including Isis, Taken, Earth, Sunn 0))), & Rosetta. From Oceans to Autumn also released a split album with Scottish labelmates Fire on the Horizon in July 2008. In October 2010 FOTA released their 2nd album On Earth As It Is.  In 2011 FOTA made their Silber debut with the EP The Flood/The Fall & are working on a new full-length called Oath Of Eternals.
From Oceans to Autumn Silber Discography
From Oceans To Autumn - Pareto Analysis Vol 1 From Oceans To Autumn - Pareto Analysis Vol I
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 127
5 tracks, 5 minutes
$1 download
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From Oceans to Autumn return to Silber to face the five songs in five minutes EP challenge with their metal & shoegaze infused brand of post rock.

: Listen to the track I
: Press Release
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From Oceans to Autumn: The Fall/The Flood From Oceans to Autumn - The Flood/The Fall
MP3 EP 2011 | Silber 096
2 tracks, 18 minutes
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Post Metal with mega influences from Shoegaze. I'm getting more and more into this the more I hear it. This is definitely going to be played for a long time to come by me. 
~ Veins Dried Out

A free EP to introduce all you Silberians to From Oceans to Autumn.

: Listen to the track The Fall (excerpt)
: Watch video for The Flood
: Press release
: Reviews

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