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Unspeakable Forces
a brief history of Unspeakable Forces: 
Unspeakable Forces was started conceptually in 2009 with Brian John Mitchell (Vlor, Remora, Small Life Form) talking to Darin DePaolo (IANTH) about doing a doom metal band either halfway between Jesu & Nadja or like Black Sabbath covering Pink Floyd.  It took a few years before we recorded anything & the result might not be exactly doom metal, but the debut EP is Butterfly Corpse (originally the band was called Butterfly Corpse, but oddly that name was taken as was Unicorn Blood).
Unspeakable origins
Unspeakable Forces Discography
Unspeakable Forces: Butterfly Corpse Butterfly Corpse
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 117
5 tracks, 20 minutes
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Debut EP of shoegazing doom.  Riffing drone to nod your head to.

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