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Unspeakable Forces
Unspeakable Forces: Butterfly Corpse Butterfly Corpse
MP3 EP 2012 | Silber 117
5 tracks, 20 minutes
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Debut EP of shoegazing doom. Riffing drone to nod your head to.

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Track Listing:
Birds of Paradise

A project built on guitar, keyboards, and industrial background noise that fails to be compelling due to its repetitive nature.
Unspeakable Forces began as a doom metal band by Brian John Mitchell and Darin DePaolo that eventually evolved into a droning industrial project. Combining thrash guitar riffs with keyboards, fuzzy bass, and industrial background noise to create a unique concoction is what Unspeakable Forces set out to do with their EP Butterfly Corpse. The album is indeed unique, but what it has in uniqueness is ruined by the ridiculous amount of repetition presented throughout the short five tracks. Each track is a mesh of guitar and electronics that goes on for five minutes too long, ultimately leaving the listener with five minutes of uninteresting mess that doesn’t bother to change in any way. Butterfly Corpse begins with “Volminous,” a track that starts off lightly with some electric guitar strings and continues for nearly seven minutes with the same sounds only to have some industrial static like noise join in. “Birds of Paradise” offers the exact same thing as its predecessor except with a lighter guitar, lighter bass, and a loud beep like noise that becomes severely biting after about 30 seconds. Luckily, this one is a shorter offering. “Pnakotic” gives the feeling of walking through a horror movie mental institution with its alarm like ringing backed by copious amounts of buzzing feedback, a process that gets louder throughout but offers little else. “Necyria” gives you the first and only break from the monotony of the first tracks and replaces them with a march like drum set and ambient background pads, while ending track “Unmounted” offers the best material of the project. “Unmounted” is another short offering with light electric guitar strumming and dark bass floating behind it, seeming as if it were almost fit for a short intro song or interlude. Much of the material from Unspeakable Forces here sounds repetitive, grating, and ultimately boring. Indeed, you may nod your head but not for long as each track offers about 15 seconds of music that is repeated without break over and over. Unless you’re really looking for something to stare into space for no reason with, this one needs to be skipped.
~ Ovis Terrell Ross, Regen Mag