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The first stuff i heard of Pete's was at some music class in college as an example of modern experimental music & he was on stage making sea gull noises with his guitar while a percussionist beat on pieces of glass & a bass player held the piece together. Unfortunately, none of this material was recorded... - Brian John Mitchell

a brief introduction to Peter Aldrich

From monster guitar-rock to ambient guitar drones. Roots of space rock, jazz, psychedelia, and post-punk fusing into something hard to classify.

"Clouds of fuzzed guitar vapor forms into shapes and spaces. Spin and circle one another like little planets like sonic dust motes blow around the room. Often brings to mind Roy Montgomery, but Aldrich is not so metaphysical as Roy; he’s more nervous, noisy, less formulaic, and far too tense to trance-out and he’s a bit more crazy maybe..." - Dream Magazine

Peter has retired from the idea of  creating a monumental album, but still often appears on Silber's themed compilations.

Peter Aldrich Discography

Less Visionary Than Expected
CD-R Album 2001 | Silber 016
14 tracks, 49 minutes
$8 ($14 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~85 megs))

Compilation Appearances