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Influenced by equal measures of classical & jazz bass training as well as funk, hip hop, & experimental noise; as slicnaton Nic Slaton makes his own unique & musical version of drone & glitch with source sounds coming from no input mixing, basses, piano horns, & beat machines.

slicnaton discography
slicnaton - ensemble slicnaton - ensemble
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 268
7 tracks, 58 minutes
$5 download
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Led by Nicholas Slaton, slicnaton mixes elements of jazz, electroacoustics, no input mixing, glitch, drone, & noise. With a background in jazz & classical composition, Slaton comes to the drone & noise table with an exceptionally musical ear & nuance often lost in the genres. On the new album Ensemble he expands on his electroacoustic drone roots.

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slicnaton - autoscopy autoscopy
MP3 Album 2014 | Silber 150
6 tracks, 37 minutes
$5 download
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Completely relaxing... slicnaton caresses my inner buddha!
~ Brian Lea McKenzie, Electric Bird Noise

slicnaton comes to Silber with meditative experimental drone influenced by classical & jazz composition backgrounds.  

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slicnaton/remora/northern valentine - clear field slicnaton / remora / northern valentine
clear field
MP3 Album 2008 | Silber 072
3 tracks, 44 minutes
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The clear field recordings are a unique combination of elements of all three projects. You hear the loops & aggression of Remora’s guitar work, Northern Valentine’s ambient shimmering glacial guitars, & slicnaton’s orchestrated glitch & deep bass tones. While hearing all three individual musicians, it still is clearly a collaboration of the three rather than one of the projects with two special guests; it is a unique sound of its own.

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