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Cerebus Reflection Cerebus Reflection
$1.50 ($2.50 intn'l) (includes shipping)
So I'm a big Cerebus fan & a big Conan fan.  I originally wrote this story as a short King Conan piece, but Margaret Liss was looking for some stuff for her Cerebus Newsletter so I changed a few words around.
Story & words by Brian John Mitchell.
Artwork by Jason Young.
This story is when Cerebus has grown old. He misses his days as a warrior.
The art is qite good. The Red Sonja drawing is lovely. Cerebus the Aardvark is drawn as a hardy creature, one that can take a lot. He is looking great as a warrior.
This comic would be better if it was longer. It does need to get more into his character. The story for what is there is well done.
~ Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online