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QRD #75
about this issue

Featured Band Interviews:
Lycia (November 2015)
M is We (October 2015)

Record Label Interview:
Records Ad Nauseum (April 2016)

Cartoonist Interview:
Larry Johnson creator of Tales of Fantasy (August 2015)

Touring Musician Interviews:
Chris Brokaw of Lemonheads (September 2015)
Mkl Anderson of Drekka (October 2015)
Nevada Hill of Bludded Head (October 2015)
Phil Dole of Chord (August 2015)
Rainstick Cowbell (October 2015)
Shane DeLeon of Miss Massive Snowflake (October 2015)
Alan Sparhawk of Low (October 2015)
Zach Corsa of Lost Trail (October 2015)

Short stories:
Takin' Care of Business by Phil Dole (Deviant)
We'll Be The Last Ones Here by Nathan Amundson


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