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QRD #74
about this issue
Featured Band Interview:

Bass Player Interviews:
Tony Zanella of True Love Always, +/-, & War Tempest
Channing Azure of Alpha Cop
Eric Baldoni of Colt Vista & Audios Amigos
Jeanne Kennedy Crosby of Miss Massive Snowflake
Rob Kohler
Derek M. Poteat of Death Mission to Space

Guitarist interviews:
Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel
Antony Milton of PseudoArcana
Nevada Hill of Bludded Head
Malcolm Brickhouse of Unlocking the Truth
Chvad SB of Things Outside the Skin
Scott Endres of Make & The Pod

Label Owner Interviews:
Richard Gordon of Russian Winter Records
Bertrand Blanchard of Hello.L.A.
Sietse van Erve of Moving Furniture
Jerome Moncada of Basses Frequences
Caethua of Saxwand Records

Comic Creator Interviews:
Richard Van Ingram creator of Loser Comix
Tyler Sowles creator of The Numbered & Durontus
JB Sapienza creator of My Name is Jonah
Troy Vevasis creator of Tales of Trolik
Victor Couwenbergh creator of Zik the Gallant Defender
Terry Hooper creator of Black Tower Adventure
Travis Hymel creator of Boogey Brigade
Robert Hendricks creator of Stranger Two Stranger
Dirk Manning creator of Tales of Mr. Rhee


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