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QRD #68 - Guitarists Part XI
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Guitarist Interviews:
Chris Ruffolo of Rocket Miner
Greg Kozlowski of Architectural Metaphor
James Youngjohns of Anna Kashfi & Last Harbour
Chandra Shukla of Xambuca
Raine Liimakka of Can Can Heads
Shane de Leon of Miss Massive Snowflake
Aaron Snow of Landing & Tinniens
Lauri Hyvärinen of Horst Quartet & XXXXXX 
Rainstick Cowbell
Jasper Stadhouders of Cactus Truck & Spinifex
Marcus Skinner of Bird Traps
David Dobbs of Vampires
Bonnie Mercer of Breathing Shrine & Dumb Numbers
QRD #67 - Comic Creators Part VII
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Indie Comic Creator Interviews:
Jeff Guarino & Dean Westerfield - Moses, Amboy
Luke Parker - Merrick The Sensational Elephantman
Jack Gonzalez - Pins & Needles, Last Unicorn
Tom Arvis - Mercenary Pig, Wayout West, XRQ24
Jared Catherine - Incrediman, Walrus
Nic J Shaw - Action Johnson
Andrew MacLean - Head Lopper, SNIP SNIP
Andrew Moran - Cry Havoc
Joe Simmons - Milt, Stupendo-Dog
Tony Sedani - Return to Rander
Leigh Walls - Bloody Pulp Magazine, Trey
Emily R Gillis - Jikoshia, A Day In The Life Of My Cats
Scott David Finch - A Little World Made Cunningly
Crystal M Rollins - Aspect, Until Death Do Us Part
Janusia Figuieredo - JanusClockwork
Michael S Bracco - The Creators, NOVO, Adam Wreck

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