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Musician Dad Interview with Justin Holt of Caterpillar Hedge
June 28, 2018

Name: Justin Holt
Bands: Caterpillar Hedge, Rare Flower Hunters, Canonises
Website: https://thepinkladyapplehouse.bandcamp.com

QRD – How old were you when you first realized you wanted to be a musician?

Justin – 20.

QRD – At what age did you decide you wanted to become a father?

Justin – I didn’t decide, it just happened.

QRD – Has your daughter effected the music you make &/or listen to?

Justin – Yes, Marley has effected the noise I make in the sense of just doing without thinking & being present.

QRD – Would you rather see your children eventually become musicians or parents?

Justin – Artist.

QRD – Both family & music seem like things that will take up as much of your time as you’re willing to put in.  How do you end up dividing your time?

Justin – Time is hard to divide, But I mainly get up around 5-6am to practice and what have you before Marley wakes up.

QRD – What does your daughter think of your music?

Justin – She’s into to some of it, but not all!

QRD – Do you think you could ever do a musical project with your daughter?

Justin – Yes! We’ve already jammed several times.

QRD – Any words of advice to young people?

Justin – Think for yourself!   Be present.