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QRD #78
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Artistic Dad Interviews:
Justin Holt
Brian John Mitchell
James Gofus
Billy McKay
Jason Young
Matt Jones
Micah Liesenfeld
Nate Powell

Cartoonist Interviews
Chance Wyatt
Mike Rickaby

Comic Shop Interviews
Atomic Books
Illusive Comics & Games

Guitarist Interviews
Anda Volley
Anna Conner
Grant Nesmith
Lee McKinney
Max Kutner
Micheal M
Tristan Welch

Label Owner Interviews
Taped Rugs

Touring Musician Interviews
Azalia Snail
Martin Newman
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Hey Starz,

I let things slip & slide here.  Two years or so since the last issue.  Wow.  Oops.  Apologies to so many folks who took part in this issue & have been in limbo about if it would ever come to fruition, as I understand that even with 25 years of doing this it looks like it might not come to fruition after that kind of delay.  I could go into all the reasons it takes so long – increase in personal illness, feeling there’s less interest in the work, the feeling that people in general are more interested in yelling than listening, but it’s all on me in the end.  Which is also why it exists at all.  I really like doing this.  I wish I had more time to dedicate to it, but the need to convert more of my time to money than I classically have had to is handicapping at time.  Still trying to figure out a way to make QRD make $5 per hour of work I put in (new corporate ads coming soon!), maybe one day.  So enough about the sadness, it’s time to celebrate, we have a new issue!

Issue #78 is here & it’s massive with 27 interviews.  It probably should have been at least 3 issues!  Artistic dads, guitarists, cartoonists, comic shops, record labels, touring musicians, this issue has something for anyone that’s ever had an interest in reading QRD.  I hope you dig it.

For the interested I have started a new little thing called Gear Stories of equipment narratives.  It’s on Facebook for those on that platform, but I do plan to put my personal entries on the Silber Blog as well.  Also I am trying to occasionally post more reviews of things on the Silber Blog lately just to help me keep my writing chops up & because I don’t really talk to anyone about arty shit I like in general anymore & have to put my monologs somewhere.

So as mentioned mildly above, this fall will mark 25 years since I did the first interviews for QRD.  It’s kinda crazy.  Even crazier is that I will probably hit the 100 issue point.  I look at all the work & I think it’s great that so many folks have been willing to have conversations with me over the years & it’s a real honor.  Thanks for reading & spread the word if you can.

Brian John Mitchell
June 2019