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Walrus walrus
$2 ($3 intn'l)
Perhaps our most fun comic. It's about a walrus making a living playing saxophone after the apocalypse.
Words & story by Brian John Mitchell
Artwork by Jared Catherine
Walrus issue 
Walrus issue 
order all 4 issues of Walrus  for $4 ($8 international)
*Walrus #1*
A walrus who plays the saxophone in a post world apocalyptic world. The art is actually kind of cute. The scene of the walrus eating chicken legs is fun.
The future world is a strange place indeed. We see our walrus just living out his life trying to do what he likes. Playing his sax & eating chicken legs the simple things in life are what make it so good. They should be enjoyed & here they are by one walrus.
This is a simple comic & it is actually very well done. It is different & holds your attention. You will have fun reading it.
~ Richard Vasseur, Jazma Online

And here I thought comics about a post-apocalyptic hellscape had already been done pretty much every way humanly possible. I had failed to consider the possibility that there was still a story out there about a walrus who played the blues on street corners and how he would get by after society ended. Not to give anything away, but he did pretty well, all things considered. This seems to be one of Brian’s series that are one and done, not one of his many ongoing series, so I don’t want to give too much away. But if you’ve ever had questions about how a musician would maintain his artistic integrity in a lawless society, or whether or not a walrus would still have trouble finding clothes that fit in such a world, you’re in luck. Jared Catherine does a great job drawing this material, although I am curious whether Jared drew this because of his walrus drawing skills or whether Brian had a long search to find somebody who could handle it. It’s well worth checking out, and as always if you’re going to check out his stuff, my advice is to just send him $5 to get a wide sampling of what he has available. Because believe you me, he has a lot of comics available, and damned near all of them are worth checking out. $2, and I just checked his website, where he has an ongoing offer to give out the next ten mini comics he releases for $10 ($15 for you international folks), which would have saved you money on this one if you knew about it, so maybe you should start it up now.
~ Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

The premise of Walrus is a funny one. After an apocalypse scenario a walrus that was an attraction at a seaworld park roams the world playing the saxophone. There are elements of comedy in the story, but overall, it is a dark one. In the short narration leading up to the climax, the reader really sympathises with the walrus and his tragedy.
~ Ryan Scicluna, Malta Comic Con

*Walrus #2*
Walrus origin story! Anybody who read the last issue has to be curious about this one, and if you’re a human being you’re probably at least a little bit curious about the origin story for a walrus who plays the saxophone. It turns out that I was wrong about this series being one issue and done, and it was probably silly for me to think that the concept of a talking walrus living in a post-apocalyptic world would run out of steam after one issue. This time around we learn that our hero was a slave at a Sea World before the apocalypse and that his music playing was all an act. They didn’t even give him a working mouthpiece! Anyway, our hero fell in love with his human masseuse, but things got a little chaotic when the world ended and, well, you’ll have to see the rest of it for yourself. Brian recently mentioned to me that he was on the verge of having completed 200 different comics, and he’s almost certainly passed that mark by the time of this review. Just in case you’re a comic creator and had the idea that you were being productive, there’s a little fact to make you feel worse about yourself. You’re welcome!
~ Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

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