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Yellow6 - Reflect Yellow6 - Reflect
MP3 Album 2018 | Silber 274
32 tracks, 332 minutes
$10 download
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Whenever you reach a milestone, it's natural to reflect. Reflect on the past, your achievements, the possible futures. In 1998 the first Yellow6 record was released, two sides of a 7" single totaling about nine minutes of music. Twenty years on, comes Reflect - a set of thirty-two pieces & five & a half hours of music. Not a retrospective, best of, or greatest hits that you would expect to mark this anniversary, but essentially five albums worth of new music. For long time fans, Reflect showcases the process & creativity of Yellow6, for newcomers it's a perfect opportunity to here a project continuing to explore & find new sounds after two decades.

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Track listing:
Looking Glass 17a
Looking Glass 1
Looking Glass 3
Looking Glass 4
Looking Glass 17b
Looking Glass 7
Looking Glass 17c
Looking Glass 8
Looking Glass 9
Looking Glass 11
Looking Glass 14
Looking Glass 10
Looking Glass 12
Looking Glass 13
Looking Glass 15
Looking Glass 16
Grey Frequency
The Corrupting Sea
Brian John Mitchell
Beth Lily Georgiou
A Drone 1
A Drone 2
A Drone 5
A Drone 6
A Drone 7
A Drone 8
A Drone 9