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Yellow6 - Merry6mas2015 Yellow6 - In Circles / Merry6mas2015
MP3 Album 2015 | Silber 203
8 tracks, 79 minutes
$2 download
Continuing Yellow6's yearly document of unreleased song for the 17th time.  Post rock guitar experimentation at its finest.

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Track Listing:
Two Kinds of People
The End of a Gloomy Week
Circular #3
The Fifth (Live Rehearsal Version)
Circular #4
My Favourite Corner
The Longest Day
Summers Past

And talking of Yellow6 – plenty of activity of late, release wise that is, this being the approach of the silly season must mean the imminent arrival of a year-end Merry6mas seasonal sonic card is due. And so it did today – limited to just 130 physical copies – and something which we will be covering a little later in the week. For now, asides eyeing with a good deal of crestfallen heartache a 30 only 12 inch lathe cut entitled ‘beat them at their own game’ which has long since flown the coup and  featuring two cuts that missed the final edit of his Silber released full length ‘no memories, only photographs’ – we did spoke this – ‘the church of sound’. A name your price set that finds, for what is these days, something of a rare event –that being a live appearance by Mr Atwood. As the press release blurb rightly points out a no frills, no bonuses, no Easter eggs or free gifts recording replete with additional crowd coughs culled from a show at Lee Rosy’s Tea Rooms in Nottingham, one evening in mid September featuring a 30 minute 5 track recording which typically gives insight and evidence aplenty of Mr Atwood’s exquisite craft at creating lush textures, colours and atmospherics from the most minimalist forms. Both mesmeric and tenderly executed, the finite artistry at work alludes to an almost hymnal gracefulness, the wistful slow burn, the wrapping in sonic prose, poise and a porcelain majesty, opener ‘flaming june’ is the sound of the Cocteau’s arrested to a murmuring pulse flicker, the arcing chords almost suspended in a frozen moment dissolve and dissipate into the haunting hurt of the sparsely bleached Fahey-esque ‘seal beach’. For us though prime ear worm moment comes with the arrival of the mellowing melancholia of ‘the fifth’ as it bathes all in the kind of tear streaked bleak beauty encountered many a time amid Morricone’s back story filling moments from his spaghetti western canon.
~ The Sunday Experience

Lente spirali malinconiche, di respiro onirico compongono la consueta edizione natalizia pubblicata dal chitarrista inglese Jon Attwood, come di consueto sotto l’alias Yellow6. Otto tracce, alcune delle quali arrivano dalle sessioni di registrazioni di “No memories, only photographs”, altre sono improvvisazioni e altre ancora sono state composte appositamente. Filo conduttore l’incedere ipnotico delle evanescenti trame costruite attraverso loop ed effetti della chitarra, che trovano pieno compimento nella struttura dei due capitoli “circular#3” e “circular#4”. Ogni brano si sviluppa a partire da un nucleo iniziale a cui si sommano successivi livelli di suono, capaci di costruire un crescendo emozionale dall’andamento dinamico avvolgente e a tratti decadentemente romantico  (“The end of a gloomy week”, “The longest day”).
Il sapore complessivo che “In circles” restituisce quello di un lavoro in divenire, un contenitore di materia definita ma volutamente lasciata in sospeso, un intenzionale non finito capace di aggiungere calore attraverso la presenza di piccole imterferenze e imperfezioni che non inficiano assolutamente il portato sensoriale delle sue narrazioni.
~ So What