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Remora: Guitar Antihero ensoulment
MP3 Album 2008 | Ping Things
1 track, 70 minutes
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A 70 minute aggressive ambient guitar excursion from Remora.

: Press release

A remora is a fish belonging to the family of the suckerfish that you'll probably know of its modified dorsal fin with which it can clamp on to its host, most often sharks. Putting this little biology lesson aside for a moment (you ought to do something with your university degree, no?), Remora is also the alter ego of the American Brian John Mitchell under which he releases music at his label Silber Records. In a recent mailing we were notified that a number of albums have been released freely as MP3s and can be downloaded from their or other websites. "Ensoulment" has been released on the label "ping things" and can be downloaded from there. Ping thing's blog gives some more details on what went into producing this album.
Around 1995 Remora started making drone/ambient music, using the guitar as a sound source. Later albums explored different styles but this one is a return to the guitar as source of sound instead of music (or as mentioned so beautifully on ping things "six tuned wires mounted on wood"). "Ensoulment" is one, nearly 72-minute soundscape that waxes and wanes. Who thinks of a sound close to that of doomdroners like Sunn O))), Nadja or OM; no, more drones, less music. The included press sheet draws parallels to Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), Mike VanPortfleet (Lycia) or the Polish composer György Ligeti.
Remora manages to avoid monotony within this gritty wall by building up to periods of clearer and more recognisable sound. I'm not too convinced by the track overall (there's only so much one man can do with a guitar), but it definitely is a enjoyable wall of sound for late-night listening. Whether that's a recommendation? Since my taste in music has been slipping into ever more abstract and inaccessible territories over the last few years I find it increasingly difficult to say. Ask yourself the question whether one track of 72 minutes is your cup of tea (please tick "yes" when you like Moljebka Pvlse). Patient people approving of abstract music, or metalheads into funeral doom or the droning of above-mentioned artists might well appreciate this as a piece of music to relax to.
~ IkEcht