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Remora - Almost Live Series Remora - Almost Live Series
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 197
8 tracks, 45 minutes
$1 download
A recently uncovered set of recordings for a radio session for Ambient Ping Radio back in 2007.  This captures Remora's aggressive ambient guitar riffs & distorted guitar arpeggios of this largely undocumented era.  Musical nods to Godflesh, Lycia, & strangely enough Joe Jackson.

: Listen to the track New Lycian
: Listen or download for free on Bandcamp

Track Listing:
Into the Light
Vlor Song
New Loop
New Lycian
Dying for Warmth
Song for Remaining Strings

Another gem from our friends at Silber Records are some lost recordings from Remora. Recently uncovered are live practice space recordings for Ambient Ping Radio's Almost Live Series. This album is a typical 45 minute ambient guitar drone set from 2007 including several pieces not available on any studio albums and some pieces drastically reworked. Remora will be familiar to regular visitors to this blog and this album marks that rare find that serves to expand the sonic landscape for an important ambient artist. Stream and download the Almost Live Series for free at the link below.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Remora represents the aural equivalent of tension and chaos with the spellbinding weirdness of “Almost Live Series”. Nicely tapping into a No Wave aesthetic, the songs have a hypnotic quality to them. Through repetition and slight variations, the songs are quite surreal soundscapes. Melodies emerge out of the ether alongside strange unusual rhythms. By letting the sound remain loose the pieces possess a great freedom to them. By opting for such an approach Remora creates a series of twists and turns, with plenty of unexpected moments that permeate the album.
Starting the album off right is the dense sprawl of “Into the Light”. A few carefully selected guitars grow larger and larger into an unruly beast. Veering into an outright squall of feedback lets the sound truly glisten with something approximating hope. Rather introspective in temperament is the powerful “Vlor Song”. Deep rumblings emerge out of the amplifier worship of “Collapse”. The “Collapse” vibe continues with the equally desolate sound of “New Loop”. On “New Lycian” things take an eerie turn as the sound has gothic undertones that drive it forward. Incredibly tender is the emotionally affecting sound of “Dying for Warmth” whose gauzy tones are rather beautiful, making it the album’s highlight. Nasty gnarled sounds pour out of the wall of sound of “Rise”. Ending things with a cryptic sense is “Song for Remaining Strings”.
With the “Almost Live Series” Remora delves into a deep-seeded otherworldly weirdness, one whose sound feels limitless.
~ Beach Sloth