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Some Past's Future
CD Album 2001 | Silber 018
21 tracks, 62 minutes
$12 ($18 international, $5 download (256 kbps, ~107 megs))
Down-to-earth drone repetition, from quiet to to noisy, and screaming.... Anyway, this is just Brian playing around with his twelve string guitar. Very simple. Very raw. Fucking great.
~ You Killed King Kong

Lacking any commercial appeal whatsoever, one man band Brian John Mitchell (the man who is Remora) obviously isn't playing the game the way most folks think it ought to be played. While this is the first proper Remora album, Mitchell had previously released five independent cassettes. A question that may arise among listeners: Are Remora tunes art...or junk? While folks are debating that question, Mitchell will most likely be onto his next endeavor...leaving puzzled listeners along the way to ponder and attempt to figure out what he has created. Beginning with the heady drone of "10,004," Some Past's Future goes off in all directions foreign and unknown. We definitely prefer the experimental instrumentals to the vocal tracks with recognizable lyrics. Not surprisingly, Mitchell has ties with experimental kingpins Pineal Ventana (with whom some of these tracks share a similar sound). Strange and disjointed, this album is definitely NOT for everyone...
~ Babysue