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Remora - Swash Remora - Swash
MP3 EP 2015 | Silber 193
7 tracks, 24 minutes
$2 download
Remora captured as a live band featuring Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise on drums & Peter Aldrich on bass.

: Listen to the track The Doctor's Wife
: Press Release
: Listen or download for free on Bandcamp

Track Listing:
The Doctor's Wife
Nevada Smith
Coin in My Pocket
My Brother's Guns & Knives
Guilt Jersey
The One I've Been Waiting For

Dark post-punk band Remora are back with a new EP, Swash. The band is fronted by Silber Records head Brian John Mitchell, along with Peter Westcott Aldrich and Brian Lea McKenzie. The seven tracks are live recordings made during a rehearsal, but this is not betrayed by the production quality. With influences from Joy Division, Swans and Television, the EP finds Remora honing their aggressive, post-apocalyptic sound to a hard edge. Dense, heavy and  atmospheric are all apt descriptors of one of the best live albums we've heard.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots

Remora is the industrial-rock group from Sanford, North Carolina, in the USA centred around Brian John Mitchell.
Those of longer stay will recognize Brian Mitchell as being the owner of Silber Media who often send through bands that are reviewed very frequently, so it is somehow appropriate to take a listen to his own material.
The growling thread of sound shudders through the bones as though a dark raven is descending as a jack-hammer of bass pedal hammers through the room, to which guitars adds squeals of tortuous excoriation as Remora deliver music which thunders of malcontent and a mesmeric vocal metronomes its way through the ears. This is music that needs to be played as loudly as the speakers will allow with full sub-woofer bass boost – but you just knew I was going to advise that…
A new Remora LP surfaced at the end of last month, the live album – Swash, which I recommend adding to the playlist. If this isn’t your cup of tea, I would think that this is perhaps not the right website for you to be reading as, has already been mentioned, music from Silber Media emails regularly surface.
~ Emerging Indie Bands

Aggression rests at the very heart of Remora’s ferocious “Swash”. Catchy to its very core, the insistent rhythms bore their way right into the skull. Vocals possess a commanding, crystal clarity to them. Everything else revolves around these two elements. Guitars buzz about with a far-off, static-like drone. Melody is an afterthought with the only semblance shown by the powerful physicality of the bass rumbling. By letting the vocals reside in a dry detached fashion with the way the pieces evolve the entirety of the album has an insistent quality to it, never giving up its intense anxious energy.
Carefully crafted, “The Doctor’s Wife” dives deep into the murky sound. Drums rise above the din, with guitars occasionally being released from their fuzzed-out world. Far more direct and in fact the highlight of the album is the commanding dominance of “Nevada Smith”. Poetic with its character study, the way the song’s intensity increases feels powerful. Layer upon layer of sound is thrown together until the song ends in a squall of feedback. A driving rhythm helps “10,004” speed past in a blur. Grunge rock influences define the languid groove of “Coin in My Pocket”. Everything has great power behind it on the muscular menace of “My Brother’s Guns & Knives”. Stripping things down to the utmost essentials is the surprisingly tender “The One I’ve Been Waiting For” which brings the album to a close.
Teeming with life, Remora’s “Swash” documents the best of punk, its defiance and its rebellious spirit.
~ Beach Sloth