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Ocean Forest
Ocean Forest - Ocean Forest Ocean Forest - Ocean Forest
MP3 Album 2017 | Silber 244
9 tracks, 32 minutes
$5 download
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Three Myrtle Beach natives come together with pop hooks, complex harmonies, & a sound equal parts 1960s, 1990s, & today. From accessible psych pop (“Homie”, “Seagulls”) to urgent post punk (“The Light”) to classic shoegaze (“Surfy”, “I’ll Be Gone”) all while carving out their own musical world of janglegaze as they slip into the sun.

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Track Listing:
The Light
Going Insane
Never Know
I'll Be Gone

Ocean Forest is the S/T debut album from the Myrtle Beach band on North Carolina's Silber Records. The nine tracks make a definitive statement as one of the best albums we've heard this year. Produced by Brian McKenzie of FZB regulars Electric Bird Noise, this album is a testament to all that's good in shoegaze and psychedelic music. We can always count on getting fine music from Silber Records and this album is an absolute must have.
~ Floorshime Zipper Boots