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Konbanwa - Live Flaying Konbanwa - Live Flaying
MP3 EP 2018 | Silber 276
1 track, 22 minutes
$5 download
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Led by Rowland Yeargan, Konbanwa is a project of loose composition & lots of improvisation. On Live Flaying Yeargan asked collaborators to show up with cymbals & like-minded instruments (including glockenspiel, Tibetan bowls, & thunder tubes) while Yeargan himself played simple synthesizer, floor tom, & cymbal. Collaborators included Brian John Mitchell, Bryce Eiman, Armani Mavinga, Will Bridges, Chris Acker, Aya McGee, Tyler Billman, Andrew Harper, Sarah Dakin, & Keith Aazami. The result is a sound that mixes world music with no wave, eastern hypnotics with noise, drone with gamelan. Let the sonic waves shimmer over you.

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Track listing:
Live Flaying