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QRD - The Guitarists QRD - The Guitarists
MP3 compilation 2014 | Silber 154
55 tracks, 231 minutes
$20 (320 kbps, ~500 megs (includes 58 page digital booklet & 2388 page ebook))
In 2010 QRD started a series of interviews with guitar players after spending two years coming up with 58 questions about approaches & techniques of playing, & since it's QRD all the guitarists were a bit out of the mainstream.  After ten sets of interviews it was time to bundle everything together & ask the guitarists if they had some sound to contribute.  So we ended up with something pretty massive.  55 tracks of guitarists pushing their instruments & rigs.  A 50+ page digital booklet.  A 2388 page ebook of interviews with guitarists.  I like to think I went all out on this.  I feel like there’s no justice in mentioning individual contributors & barely even genres.  The pieces flow from ambient to folk to drone to jazz to metal to noise & back around several times in its nearly 4 hour run time.  So sit back & relax & drone out & bliss out & freak out a good chunk of your day away.

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Just want the ebook? Follow this link.
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Track Listing:
Ian McPhedran of Ostrich Tuning - Julia Plus (read the interview)
Jun Minowa of Gargle & Yawning - Deserted
(read the interview)
Alan Sparhawk of Low - La La Daughter Mouth (read the interview)
Aidan Baker of Nadja - ExParte #4 (read the interview)
Michael Walton of mwvm - ebygum (read the interview)
Mason Jones of Numinous Eye - Seldom Is The Story Told (read the interview)
Gavin MacArthur of Schlong - Bullet Bitches (read the interview)
Andrew Weathers - Whiskey River At Oakdale (read the interview)
Brandon W Pittman of when the word was (((sound))) - First Light of Dawn (Still Life) (read the interview)
Evgeny Zheyda of Thorn1 - Relicit (read the interview)
Robert Brown of Northern Valentine - the decline (read the interview)
PD Wilder of Hotel Hotel - Summer Maps (read the interview)
Ashkelon Sain of Trance to the Sun - Arrive Lost (read the interview)
Invisible Elephant - Kicking Jesus (read the interview)
Andras Fekete of Boat Burning - The Accretion Tapes 2008-2013 (read the interview)
David M Birchall of Kalbakken - For Bertolt Brecht (read the interview)
Brian Elyo of mobdividual - Glen v3 (read the interview)
Francesco Brasini - Electric Guitar Strings Ensemble (read the interview)
Jason LaFarge of Pants Exploder - The Fat of the Land (read the interview)
Brian Lea McKenzie of Electric Bird Noise - Kind of Black-One (read the interview)
Azalia Snail - Getting Lei'd (read the interview)
Andrea Vascellari of Lullabier & Firetail - The Forest Album By Alan Sparhawk (read the interview)
Eric Quach of thisquietarmy - Metallic Twilight (read the interview)
Kyle Arthur Miller of Haunter - Temps Perdu (edit) (read the interview)
Martin Newman of Plumerai - Secondhand Emotion (read the interview)
Joshua Heinrich of fornever - adrift (read the interview)
Charles Rice Goff III - Falling Fired Frozen Flaked (read the interview)
Bret Harold Hart - Dancing on Nothing (read the interview)
Dave Halverson of Trance Lucid - Quelle Aar (read the interview)
Evan Peta - Lavzza gran (in 3 parts) (read the interview)
Jim Walker of Tim and Jim & JVA - Formica, My Friend (read the interview)
John Trubee - Spanish Sunset (read the interview)
Jon Attwood of Yellow6 - Set Your Heart on the Stars (read the interview)
Brian John Mitchell of Remora - Hills of Elfshima (read the interview)
Nathan Amundson of Rivulets - Ujaayi (read the interview)
Gary Murray - Mount Versant Observatory (read the interview)
Bill Horist of Master Musicians of Bukkake - Our Scars of Braille Withheld (read the interview)
TAM - Noise Track (read the interview)
Julien Ottavi - We found a chocolate cake in a basket broken in two pieces (read the interview)
Tony Sagger of DrugsDragons - Night Driving (read the interview)
Jean D.L. - //F//T//S// (read the interview)
Robert Poss of Band of Susans - Partial Clearing (read the interview)
Russ Stedman - Medium Density Fiberboard (read the interview)
Stef Ketteringham of Shield Your Eyes - nature intends you to cry (read the interview)
Eric Hausmann - Gambus Guitar Orchestra (read the interview)
Zachary Corsa & Denny Corsa of Lost Trail - Wandering Into An Abyss (read the interview)
Michael A. Cosma of Anixas - Gigamawaz (read the interview)
Rachel Goldstar of Experimental Aircraft - desert skies (read the interview)
Cheryl Hall of Irata - Respirate (read the interview)
Michael Seman of Shiny Around The Edges - David Saylor's Fluffy Wonderworld (read the interview)
Don Campau - Glial Attitude (read the interview)
Matt Stevens of Fierce and the Dead - Vinegar (read the interview)
Dan West of Sidewalk Society & LoveyDove - Sorrow And Joy Get Married (read the interview)
Jason Williams of Animal Holograms - When the World Froze Over (read the interview)
Peter Bingham of Sendelica - Sendelica Soundscape #2 (read the interview)

Silber Records started brewing something pretty fresh back in 2010. The experimental label’s zine offshoot, QRD, began interviewing as many out-music guitarists as they could possibly fit in their pages. Text piled upon text, and dreams built on top of dreams, until finally, something resembling a finished product revealed itself to the internet masses.
The Guitarists is that product, and man is it a doozy. All the interviews have been compiled in a 2,388-page ebook that accompanies a 50-page digital booklet. And that’s not all. The real draw here is the 55 tracks of guitar madness contributed by the interviewees (231 minutes y’all), with sweet shreds by the likes of Aidan Baker (Nadja), Alan Sparhawk (Low), Bill Horist (Master Musicians of Bukake), and a whole host of others. On top of that, The Guitarists only sets you back about twenty bucks, and gets you high for way longer than that measly dub sack you just wasted a Jackson on.
See the entire list of six-string psychos here at Silber, where you can also read every interview and pick up the entire package.
~ Dream Baby, Tiny Mix Tapes

Silbermedia you will have come across many a time on the various reviews, as they are another out-fit who manage to unearth some fascinating sounds, which they send my way.
As a different project by Brian lays QRD – a fanzine dating back to the late 1990′s and just recently a new compilation LP appeared – entitled The Guitarists and it is exactly what it says on the tin – guitarists and their guitars.
I could review each individual track, there are fifty five of them spread over four hours of exploratory sounds, but not only would I be writing until next week, you would have fallen asleep by the time you got to the end of the article. To do so would also be less than half the story as the full release, running to almost four hours, comes with a fifty eight page digital booklet and just under two and a half thousand pages of interviews with the guitarists.
I could make a ‘pick of the release’ but attempting that, would be like catching wafts of smoke.
So – I would ask you to find a few hours to take a listen to the whole LP below.
~ Emerging Indie Bands