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QRD Ebooks

All the way back in 1994 I started QRD.  Now it's older than I was when I started it.  In an attempt to move into the twenty-first century we're offering ebooks collecting some of our interviews.  The PDFs are formatted to fit well on tablets & most e-readers & I find them much more pleasant than the epub format Amazon uses.

QRD - The Guitarist Interviews Vol I-X QRD: The Guitarist Interviews Vol I-X PDF
2388 pages (yeah, it's kinda freaking huge)

Interviews with over 160 guitarists about their instrument including Alan Sparhawk of Low, Agata of Melt-Banana, Jon DeRosa of Aarktica, Colin Newman of Wire, Bill Horist, & we could go on forever.... (Get the ebook with a 4 hour compilation of 55 tracks here).
QRD: The Bass Player Interviews QRD: The Bass Player Interviews PDF
222 pages

The compendium to our guitarist interview featuring 16 bassist interviews including Nic Slaton of slicnaton, Monte Allen of Rllrbll, & CJ Boyd.